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BioShock Infinite Lansdowne Residence chest: Where to find the key to the locked box

How to complete the first of BioShock Infinite's key-hunting side-quests.

BioShock Infinite has less of a focus on exploration than the previous games in the series, but that doesn't mean there's none involved at all. One of the earliest examples is when you find an item marked "key to chest" and must find out where the key belongs. Alternatively, maybe you've spotted that locked box at the Lansdowne Residence and are wondering how to get it open.

No matter which discovery brought you here, on this page we'll explain where to find the chest key and how to open the first chest in BioShock Infinite.

Where to find the chest key in BioShock Infinite

It's possible to find either the chest or the key first, but naturally, you'll need to unite the two before you can reap the rewards of your clever exploration.

The mysterious key is resting on the altar at the Fraternal Order of the Raven, the hooded corvid-obsessed racists who have a statue of John Wilkes Booth in the lobby. You'll see their main church area from the balcony first: numerous enemies are worshipping another who stands on the stage, and the key is behind him.

The key is resting on the stage altar behind Beaky the Bigot. Atomize him and grab the key, as well as the Infusion next to it.

The next part is pretty straightforward: kill all the cultists and pick up the key, which is placed next to an Infusion bottle. You'll actually get a prompt at this point telling you to go back and explore areas you've already been to.

Where to find the chest

The chest itself is a long way back the way you came. You need to retrace your steps back out of the building, through the house with the frightened couple and the printing presses, and back across the Skyhooks to the rooftop with the peaked skylight windows, where you fought the Columbian forces earlier.

The chest is a long way back at the Lansdowne Residence.

You can crash down through them those windows or go through the balcony on the side of the building, but either way you'll end up in a bedroom of the Lansdowne Residence. Walk downstairs into a smaller bedroom on the right, and you'll see a blue chest: that's the one you have the key for. Open it up to get salt, health, and another infusion.

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