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How to reset dungeons in Diablo 4

If you could turn back time

Taking advantage of dungeon reset in Diablo 4 is key to stocking up on rare gear and, more importantly, grinding levels.

The process of resetting dungeons is a bit different in the full Diablo 4 release compared to how it was in the beta, and by different, I mean less convenient.There’s no fast option or shortcut to reset anymore.

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Diablo 4 dungeon reset

How to reset dungeons in Diablo 4

Dungeons will reset automatically after you clear them, but you have to leave first and wait for about five minutes or so. Maybe. Five minutes seems to be the general average for most players, though we’ve had it take less time and, in a few cases, more time depending on the session. Whether that’s a feature or a bug remains to be seen, but if you wait a couple of minutes and the dungeon hasn’t reset yet, wait a few more and try again.

You have to actually clear the dungeon for it to reset as well. It doesn’t work if you only make it halfway and then leave.

There’s no “reset dungeon” option anymore like there was during the beta, so if you’re trying to find it, it won’t be there.

Your best bet is finding a short dungeon that you can clear quickly

Diablo 4 dungeon reset glitch

Another possible “could be a glitch, could be feature” is one that lets you instantly reset a dungeon, but it only works in group play. If you’re a party leader and leave a dungeon, seemingly at any time, then the dungeon resets instantly. This doesn’t sound like an intentional feature, so if you plan on using this method, then you’ll probably want to do it soon before Blizzard patches it out.

Do events and cellars reset in Diablo 4?

It seems like cellars do reset after a few minutes as well, though I haven’t had it happen yet. I have had them disappear, though, so it might just be an issue with my version of the game.

Events also reset and much more quickly, which is handy for farming Murmuring Obols. I’ve had events reset as soon as 30 seconds after they end or even immediately, if I enter a nearby dungeon or town and return.

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