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Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols and how to get them

The old curiosity shop

In Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols are a unique currency only obtainable through completing local events.

Local events in Diablo 4 are the seemingly random events that show up in certain spots on the map and task you with completing challenges, usually defeating enemies, for a chance to earn high-level gear and much more gold and experience than you’d get from normal fights.

Even gear and the gear you can obtain with Obols make it more than worth your time to go out of the way and complete these events.

Here's where to find events, and Murmuring Obols, as well as what to do with them!

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Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols - What are they for?

Murmuring Obols are a unique currency you can only get from completing local events. These are scattered across region and zone maps, and while they aren’t marked on the main map, the mini-map displays a large red circle as you near an event location.

As far as we were able to tell, world events – including the Ashava boss fight – don’t reward you with Murmuring Obols.

You can spend Murmuring Obols at the Curiosities vendor, a merchant who only sets up shop in a few locations. The Diablo 4 beta only has two Curiosities Vendors – one in Kyovashad and one in Yalesna.

These merchants give you a piece of random equipment in a specific category in exchange for dozens, or hundreds, of Obols. While the basic item itself might be the same as something you’d find in the wild – a set of hide pants, for example – they usually have slightly better stats or a unique perk or two that make it worth your time and Obols.

Diablo 4 event locations

As far as we can tell, the event locations in Diablo 4 remain fixed, though we’re not sure when they refresh. Since events reward you with hefty amounts of gold and experience, along with Obols and some potentially rare gear, it’s worth checking back each day.

These are where the local events in Fractured Peaks take place.

So far, we’ve discovered quite a few different types of local event.

  • Cull the Wicked – Defeat all enemies and the mini-boss that spawns
  • Cursed Chest – Open a chest – and defeat the hell fiends that spawn
  • Wayward Soul – Defeat enemies while a spirit searches for its kin
  • Insatiable Hunger – A boss appears in the center of an arenam with multiple enemies around it. Several are linked to the boss and must be defeated before they restore the boss’ health
  • Caravan Under Siege – Defend the caravan, or caravans, before besieging demons destroy them
  • Hold You Ground – Same as the caravan event, but with fewer people to protect
  • Liberation – Free captives
  • Ancient Siphon – Destroy enemies near three pillars and then destroy the pillars
  • Rites of Ascension – Defeat the spell-casting enemy and the foes that spawn afterwards

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