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Diablo 4 Lifesbane locations and uses

Boost your healing potions with Lifesbane

Diablo 4 Lifesbane locations are more difficult to find than other resources, like Gallowvine or Biteberry, as they only grow in one region.

You need Lifesbane to upgrade your healing potions, which is something you should do as soon as you can, even on lower World Tiers.

Just don’t go overboard at the alchemist. You can transmute other items into Lifesbane, but you need plenty of those other items in their original form as well.

Diablo 4 Lifesbane

Diablo 4 Lifesbane locations

Lifesbane only grows in Khejistan, the region in the far west of Sanctuary that’s south of the Dry Steppes and west of Howezar.

While it’s pretty common there, like berry bushes anywhere else, the problem is getting there quickly. Enemies in the Dry Steppes are tougher than they are in Fractured Peaks, though once you unlock Acts 2 and 3, you could feasibly run through the region, get into Khejistan, and start stockpiling Lifesbane.

How to get Lifesbane

The easier option – and one you can do as soon as you hit level 10 and unlock the alchemist – is making Lifesbane yourself. You can take five Gallowvine to any alchemist, pay 200 gold, and get one Lifesbane in return.

It’s not ideal, since you need Gallowvine for potion upgrades and other elixirs as well, but it’s good enough for the early game when you just want a couple of low-grade potion enhancements.

What is Lifesbane for in Diablo 4?

The alchemist requires Lifesbane, among other herbs, to enhance your health potions, but you can also use the plant in other concoctions.

Some of these are pretty handy, including the assault elixir, which raises experience gained, and the Reddamine Buzz, a handy potion that grants all nearby allies a temporary increase for their maximum health.

These creations also use Gallowvine, Reddamine, and other plant resources, which is another reason why your best bet for getting Lifesbane is to reach Khejistan as soon as you can. You need as many of these other herbs as you can get. Set aside some plants to get enough Lifesbane for at least one health potion upgrade early in the game, and then conserve the rest.

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