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Diablo 4 Gallowvine locations and uses

Gallow(vine) humor

Diablo 4 Diablo 4 are a bit difficult to pin down thanks to how the unique item shows up.

There’s not actually a specific Gallowvine plant. It worms its way into certain shrubs everywhere, and you can even make it using other plants and herbs.

Gallowvine is a key ingredient in some of Diablo 4's best potions, so you'll want to keep a lot of the stuff around at all times.

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Diablo 4 Gallowfine locations

Like iron ore and silver ore, Gallowvine can turn up pretty much anywhere in Sanctuary. You find it hidden in random clusters of berry bushes, and there’s no way of telling whether the clump in question contains Gallowvine or just berries. You’ll just have to interact with it and find out.

These berry bushes aren’t exactly abundant, but they grow quite literally anywhere. We found them in nearly ever region of Fractured Peaks, the Dry Steppes, and Scosglen, so if you find yourself short on Gallowvine, just hunt around in the open world for some berry bushes.

You can also craft Gallowvine yourself at an alchemist’s shop – most large settlements have an alchemist – with a variety of different plants and herbs. These include:

If you have an excess of any of these and don’t need them for something else, just pop on over to your local potion crafter, and use them to make your Gallowvine.

What is Gallowvine for in Diablo 4?

Gallowvine is also a potion ingredient, and you need it for quite a few recipes – including recipes for some items that you also use to make Gallowvine. Just go with it.

Some of what you can make includes:

  • Assault elixir
  • Iron barb elixir
  • Acrobatics elixir
  • Precision elixir
  • Resistance elixirs for elements and status effects

Every major settlement has an alchemist, so they're just a fast travel away.

The assault elixir is a personal favorite, since it boosts your attack power and the amount of experience you gain, which is ideal if you need to level up fast for a particularly difficult challenge. The acrobatics elixir cuts your dodge cooldown by a set percentage, so it’s also an excellent choice.

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