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Diablo 4 iron ore locations and silver ore locations

Ore is essential for upgrading weapons, so you'll need plenty of it

Diablo 4 iron ore locations and silver ore locations are comparatively easy to find, and that’s a good thing.

Both ores are essential for upgrading weapons, something you need to do often the further you venture into sanctuary.

However, you also have a decent chance of winding up with ore even without searching, thanks to the equipment salvaging system.

To help you stump up a stable supply of iron and silver ore, here's everything you need to know!

Diablo 4 iron ore and silver ore

Diablo 4 iron ore locations

The good news is that you can find iron ore basically anywhere. The bad news is also that you can find iron ore basically anywhere, so pinpointing exact locations is pretty difficult.

It’s a pretty common material found in rock or mining nodes that you can extract just by interacting. It’s true that some areas associated with mining seem to have these nodes in greater abundance, but we ran across them literally everywhere – the forests of Scosglen, the Dry Steppes, you name it.

There are a few locations in Fractured Peaks where we tended to find iron ore more frequently, though. One was, as you might expect, around the regions more heavily associated with mining – Yelesna, the plains along the nearby river, and the rocky paths around the forest and mountain where you pick up the Unyielding Flesh quest.

You also have a high chance of obtaining iron ore when you dismantle equipment at any blacksmith, even the stuff that doesn’t actually have much iron in it. Dismantling is always the better option for most gear unless you’re desperate for cash, since you end up with useful materials.

Diablo 4 silver ore locations

Silver ore comes from the same nodes that iron ore bursts out of. The chance of obtaining silver ore seems slightly lower, but it doesn’t seem tied to any specific area either. For example, you have as much of a random chance to find silver ore in a deposit in Yelesna as you do a deposit in, say, the Emerald Chase or Tusmaa Rift.

You can get silver ore from dismantling equipment as well, but only if it’s magic equipment. Your standard pants and weapons will only give you iron ore.

What are iron ore and silver ore for in Diablo 4?

You need both ore types to upgrade items. Upgrading regular weapons and accessories costs iron and silver ore, along with other minerals and, in a few cases, some specialized items. Upgrading items is essential later in the game, even at lower world tiers, so even if you’re hard up for cash, don’t go selling your ores at any point.

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