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Diablo 4 Reddamine locations and uses

Fun with fungi

Diablo 4 Reddamine locations are confined to one small part of the vast RPG’s sprawling open world.

Lucky for you, the road there isn’t a terribly grueling one, and you can start gathering Reddamine in large quantities shortly after starting Act 1 properly.

That’s a good thing, since Reddamine plays a vital role in some of Diablo 4’s most important alchemy recipes.

Diablo 4 Reddamine

Diablo 4 Reddamine locations

In Diablo 4, Reddamine is found in the Dry Steppes area of Sanctuary.

Reddamine is a plant like Gallowvine or Lifesbane – well, a fungus if you want to be specific – and like those resources, it grows in clusters around the map.

Unlike some more common resources, however, Reddamine only grows in one region: the Dry Steppes.

Act 3 sends you to the Dry Steppes, though you can get there before completing Act 2 or even before finishing the first act. You’ll want to be at least level 15 to make sure you can handle the enemies in the region, though.

Reddamine flourishes all over the region, so there’s no one spot where you can farm it. The best way to get more Reddamine is to activate a fast travel point at one of the settlements in the Steppes so you can travel back and forth to gather what you need.

How to get Reddamine

You can also turn Gallowvine into Reddamine at the alchemist, once you unlock alchemy at level 10. It takes five Gallowvine to make one Reddamine, which isn’t bad, considering you can find Gallowvine in every region of Sanctuary. By the time you need most Reddamine potions, you’ll probably have plenty of both plants anyway.

What is Reddamine for in Diablo 4?

Reddamine’s most important function is as an ingredient in strong and major healing potions, though you won’t unlock those until reaching much higher levels. Equally important is another set of Reddamine potions that’s perfect for multiplayer play.

  • Reddamine Buzz: Increases nearby players’ health cap by 500
  • Ancient Times: Increases strength by 25 for all nearby players
  • Queen’s Supreme: Increases dexterity by 25 for all nearby players
  • Blessed Guide: Increases willpower by 25 for all nearby players

It also plays a role in some elemental resistance potions, so if you’re running up against some bosses with elemental attacks, definitely take some of these along.

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