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How to find disciples in MW3 Zombies

Disciples are a highly-mobile elite zombie that can steal your HP. Here’s where to find them.

Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Activision

As you make progress in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you’ll find yourself venturing into higher-threat zones more often, and taking on some particular tough zombies. One type of zombie you’ll eventually run into is the disciple.

Disciples are fast and mobile forms of the undead that can lifesteal your HP if you end up too close to them. They’ll also spawn plenty of zombies in the meantime to take your attention off them. If you’re looking to kill some disciples and progress with your story missions, here’s how to find disciples in MW3 Zombies.

How to find disciples in MW3 Zombies

To find disciples in MW3 Zombies, you need to hope that you run into one naturally in a higher-threat zone, or you want to complete multiple Eliminate the Bounty Contracts.

Disciples are an elite enemy, so it’s unlikely that you’re going to run into them naturally in a low-threat zone. You can, however, sometimes find them out in the open across higher-threat zones.

If running around hoping you’ll find one isn’t doing the trick, the most surefire way to try and find a disciple is by completing Eliminate the Bounty Contracts. There are multiple Contract types when spawning into Urzikstan, and the Eliminate the Bounty ones will spawn an elite enemy for you and your squad to beat.

The player pings an Eliminate the Bounty Contract on the map in MW3 Zombies
Image credit: Activision/VG247

Of course, the elite enemy is not guaranteed to be a disciple, but if you pick up enough Bounty Contracts, you’ll no doubt run into one eventually. Picking up Contracts in higher-threat zones will only increase your chances, too.

In my experience, I picked up two Bounty Contracts in the medium-threat zone which both had my squad eliminate disciples, so I recommend venturing into the orange area and picking up contracts here. They're also easily, naturally found near the Opal Palace in the high-threat zone, but I do not recommend heading there solo.

How to kill disciples in MW3 Zombies

Killing disciples in MW3 Zombies isn’t difficult if you’ve a squad to help. The main thing to watch out for is the disciples ability to lifesteal HP from you. If you get too close, they’ll begin to launch a beam of some disgusting sludge at you, reducing your health and adding to theirs.

The player fights against a Disciple elite enemy in MW3 Zombies
Image credit: Activision/VG247

You’ll want to break line of sight with them as soon as you can, ideally by taking cover in a building, and then continue shooting them and the zombies they spawn whenever you’ve a chance.

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