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How to cook in Wuthering Waves

Cooking delicious dishes in Wuthering Waves can give your party all sorts of powerful buffs!

The Rover cooking at Panhua's Restaurant in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

Cooking is an integral part of any RPG, letting you experience the cuisine and culture of the vast worlds you’re exploring, and Wuthering Waves lets you taste dishes from across the planet of Solaris-3.

Wuthering Waves has a relatively involved cooking system, where you collect ingredients either by scavenging the open world or shopping at a grocery store in Jinzhou. Then, once you’ve also learned a recipe, you can visit a cooking station to chop, boil and fry your tasty ingredients into a delicious dish.

Food items are worth making in Wuthering Waves not just as an outlet for the materials you find, but also because they offer decent buffs for your Resonators, which can make a big difference in tough boss battles.

How to cook in Wuthering Waves

To cook in Wuthering Waves, you need both ingredients and a cooking station.

A map screen showing the location of the cooking station in Panhua's Restaurant in Wuthering Waves.
Panhua's Restaurant is in the city of Jinzhou. | Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

The easiest cooking station to access is probably at Panhua’s restaurant in the middle of the city of Jinzhou.

Just behind Panhua, you’ll find a hob and oven you can use to cook your own meals - which seems pretty strange for someone who’s trying to run a restaurant, but we’re not going to argue.

A game screen showing the cooking menu in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

Interact with the cooking station and it will bring up a list of your learned recipes with ones that you have the ingredient to produce listed at the top. On the right-hand side of the menu, you can see the buff that the meal provides to your party, as well as the ingredients that will be consumed during the process.

Where to get ingredients in Wuthering Waves

Out in the open world, as well as monsters you will come across non-aggressive creatures that can be defeated with a single hit. These animals will drop raw meat and poultry that you can use to cook.

Also out in the field, look for flowers you can pick. These are also common cooking ingredients.

A map screen showing the location of Mahe's Grocery Store in Wuthering Waves.
Image credit: KURO GAMES/VG247

For more complex ingredients, condiments and sauce bases, go to Mahe’s grocery store next to Panhau’s Restaurant. It’s in the market just to the right of Panhau on the main map in Jinzhou.

This is also a good place to spend some of the credits you’ve been gathering, while also raising your cooking proficiency to unlock more potent dishes!

For more magical items though, be sure to check out these Wuthering Waves codes for free Astrite.

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