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Hello Neighbor 2 Part 5: Escape the museum from the Final Boss

It's time to make a stand!

So you’ve managed to make it all the way to the attic of the museum in Hello Neighbor 2 and uncovered the secrets inside - now all you have to do is make it out alive!

The thrilling finale of Hello Neighbor 2 can be very difficult and more than a little frustrating. By this point, Mr Peterson is incredibly fast and extremely perceptive, able to detect your movements with ease and almost appear out of nowhere to catch you.

However, once you get a grasp of the steps you need to follow to make your escape, enacting the plan becomes just that much easier.

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How to escape the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

You can break the task of escaping the museum in Hello Neighbor 2 into three main parts:

We’ll go over each of them in order so you can solve the mystery in your own time.

Opening the cage lock

First, when you wake up in the cage, look around and take the lever from the monster hand and the scissors from the bedside table.

On the cage door is a multi-coloured lock. If you look around the room you can see four of the five numbers hidden in different places.

Red is 0 on the alarm clock, for example. Blue is 2 on the headboard.

Then purple is 5 and green is 7 on the board game on the floor.

Now, use the scissors on the lock to cut the cobwebs, then change the four numbers you know to the correct setting.

The lock is facing backwards as you look at it, so go around the corner to view it as the code would be from the outside. An easy way I used to remember what was showing at the front was to count back four from the number I wanted.

So if I wanted to change it to 5 on the front, I’d twist it to 1 on the back and so on.

Once you’ve done the four numbers you know, you can twist the final, orange, spinner all the way around until it’s the right number. For me it was 8.

This makes the full cage code: 80257.

Now with the door open, use the handle you took from the monster hand on the lever to the painting in front of you after you’ve snipped the cobwebs.

Then go through the trapdoor in the next room.

Opening the door lock

Now the real hard part starts.

From this library room, your goal is to get downstairs and unlock the front door of the museum to escape.

To do that, you need to lure Mr Peterson somewhere and steal the wrench from his belt loop.

This is easiest to do with creaky floorboards that he comes and investigates. Once you get an opportunity, crouch walk up behind him, take the wrench and move away silently but quickly.

Take the wrench downstairs to the fireplace opposite the front door and unscrew the bolts holding up the grate.

Inside is the key to the door. Take a right and go into the back corridor, where you will find a fire extinguisher.

Return to the fire with the extinguisher, douse it, then grab the key.

At any point during this, if Mr Peterson finds you, there’s a handy nook right next to the fireplace where you can hide very easily and effectively. He seems to get bored and wander off as soon as you scoot in there.

Use the key on the door lock, and there will be just one more thing to do: break the boards blocking the door.

Breaking the boards from the door

To remove the boards from the door, you need a crowbar. Luckily, there’s one in the display case next to the fireplace.

To break the case, throw an item into the glass. This can be the wrench, the fire extinguisher, or anything else you can think of.

This can be very hit and miss, and you won’t always smash the glass first time, but be persistent and you should get it. Remember to scoot away into the nook next to the fireplace if you’re caught in the act.

When you’ve got the crowbar, run to the door and wrench off the boards to complete the game!

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