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Hello Neighbor 2 Part 3 Hunter's House Map and Museum Safe Code, Car and Globe puzzles

Stay out of the Hunter's sights to get ahead!

As the plot thickens in Hello Neighbor 2, your attention turns to the Hunter’s house across the creek, behind the Petersons’ house, and the secrets hidden within.

As well as new puzzles to solve, the Hunter also introduces a new mechanic. When he shoots you with his gun, it will stun you in place for a few seconds, allowing him to catch up more easily.

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It can be frustrating in the confined space of his house, particularly when some of his puzzles are timed, but it adds an extra layer of tension to your chases.

Then, once you’ve collected another key from a treasure chest in the Hunter’s garden, you can venture deeper into the museum and advance to the next day.

There are some very complicated puzzles to take on in this part, but once you know what to do they’re fun to pull off.

Hello Neighbor 2 Hunter’s House

Hello Neighbor 2 Hunter’s Treasure Map

As you make your way across town from your news studio across the creek and to the Hunter’s house, you will see that it’s split across three levels with the shell of a tower in construction on top.

It’s a really tight, confined, space that you will need to move around quickly to complete all of the puzzles, so you would do well to familiarise yourself with the entrances and exits before you properly begin.

The main entrance I want to draw your attention to is the windows you can open on the front of the house to access the bottom floor. These are vital for a couple of the puzzles as well as getting back into the house easily in a pinch.

In the Hunter’s house, your objective is to complete the treasure map on the corkboard on the top floor. There are four missing pieces to collect, all of which involve solving complicated puzzles that span multiple levels of the house.

Hello Neighbor 2 Bear Statue

The easiest challenge which will hopefully help you to get an idea of the layout of the house is the map piece in the mouth of the bear statue.

You find the bear figure on the middle floor, in the small enclosed room at the front of the house with a large window. It’s missing its handle for you to pull.

To get the handle, drop down to the bottom floor and take it from the second bear figure you find here.

Take the handle back up to the first bear, pull the lever and take the map piece. Return it to the board before you do anything else.

If you get stuck in this small room, if you look up you can climb into the rafters and escape through a window above you. This isn’t immediately obvious, but can save you on many occasions.

Hello Neighbor 2 Lock Box Key

For the next map piece, turn your attention to the bottom floor. Using your crowbar, wrench the boards covering the nook under the stairs to reveal a locked box.

The key for the box is up on the top floor, to the right of the map board, inside of a pillow on the bed you can rip open with some scissors.

Remember, use the windows on the front of the house for easy access to the bottom floor.

Once you’ve snagged the key, head back to the box, open it up and get the second map piece.

Return it to the board before you try anything else.

Hello Neighbor 2 Fridge Letters

The next puzzle is located in the kitchen on the middle floor. It can be tough because the Hunter goes through this middle floor a lot, but to make things easier it doesn’t seem like the items for this puzzle get reset when you’re caught.

On top of the fridge in the corner are three missing letters. To open the fridge and get an item for another map piece, you need to find the three fridge letters.

The first is under the toilet seat in the bathroom on the middle floor.

The second is on top of the house, in the scaffolding tower, on top of a yellow paint can. To get it, you can jump onto the slanted roof of the house and climb up.

Finally, the last letter is found in the rafters of the room where you find the bear figure with the map in its mouth.

Climb up onto the wardrobe, then turn around and look up. You should be able to climb up onto some boards and keep climbing. One of the letters is mounted on the wall here.

Remember the location of the boar head you also find here.

Return all of the letters to the fridge and it will swing open revealing a deer antler.

Take the antler to the top floor and slot it into the trophy next to the door.

Now take the map piece from the box that slides out of the nearby shelf and add it to the board.

Hello Neighbor 2 Boar Heads

The final puzzle in the Hunter’s house is easily the toughest. To complete it, you need to interact with four boar heads around the house before time runs out, then grab the last map piece from the microwave in the kitchen.

One thing to remember while you do this is that the timer persists even if you’re caught, so if you’re quick you can continue your run even if you get smacked.

The first boar head is right next to the microwave and can be tough to hit since the Hunter walks through here so often.

The second boar head is on the back wall of the bottom floor, this is the easiest to hit so I like to do it first or last.

The third boar head is in the rafters of the room on the middle floor with the bear statue, where you also found the fridge letter.

The fourth boar head is in the rafters of the top floor, above the stairs. Jump on the chair below then the ceiling boards to reach it.

When you manage to hit all four before time runs out, you can grab the last piece of map from the microwave and add it to the board.

It shows a circle around a patch of mud in front of the hunters house, as well as some numbers.

Before you go to dig up the treasure you need a shovel, which you can find in the scaffolding tower on top of the house.

When you reach the dirt pile, interact with the mound and it will reveal a safe.

From the numbers you saw on the map board, you know the treasure safe code is 80164.

This gives you a key which you can run back to the museum with on the other side of town.

Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Safe Code

Run to the museum with your new key and it will open the office room down the hall from the bedroom you opened last night on the second floor.

Inside there’s a safe on the far wall with a picture of a clock on it.

To open the safe you need to figure out the code by adding three gears to the clock at the foot of the stairs on the right and reading the time.

The first cog is found in the bedroom. From the office, interact with the lamp in the corner to open a secret passage to the bedroom.

Take the kettlebell from the box on the office floor and put it on the pressure plate in the bedroom.

This reveals a secret panel above the bed that contains the first cog.

Put it in its corresponding spot in the clock downstairs.

Hello Neighbor 2 Museum Globe

Back in the office with the safe upstairs you find a giant model of the world called a globe.

Spin it until the big red cross matches up with the pointing finger of the nearby statue and it will open to reveal another cog you can put in the clock.

Hello Neighbor 2 Car Puzzle

Finally in the office, next to the safe on a cushion is a bird ornament from the hood of a car.

You find the car in the back of the ground floor of the museum in the garage after wrenching the boards from the doors.

You can get a boar head for the statue with the missing head upstairs by first taking the door handle from the crate on the floor.

Adding it to the door and opening it.

Then pulling the handbrake lever to open the trunk.

But for the cog, place the ornament from the office on the front of the car to pop the hood.

With the three cogs slotted, the clock will swivel to the time 11:35.

This means that the safe code for the office in the museum is 1135.

When you enter it, you find a camera that advances you to the next day!

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