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Hello Neighbor 2 Part 2: Bakery Cat Puzzle and Museum House Puzzle

Things are heating up as you take on the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

After the trials and tribulations of your first day in Hello Neighbor 2, you wake up back in your news studio with a new mission: investigate the town bakery.

Make your way over to the pretzel-topped building and walk through the front door. You will see the Baker working away in the kitchen.

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You will have to avoid her grasp as you explore the building for clues. However, before you set off, look at the cash register on the left.

A cash register missing some of its keys in Hello Neighbor 2

It’s missing some keys and the picture just behind conspicuously shows the numbers 1576. A code perhaps?

You need to find the missing keys for the cash register from around the bakery and enter the code to continue.

Hello Neighbor 2 Bakery

Hello Neighbor 2 Clock Puzzle

Instead of trying to mess around with the ground floor, it’s easier to start upstairs. From the front of the bakery, climb the ladder.

Looking down on the hidden second floor balcony of the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Then jump up onto the roof and drop down onto the balcony over to your right.

The broken clock puzzle in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Open the door and immediately on your left is a clock with a missing hand.

A strange patch on the wall in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Over on the other side of the room is a patch over some art on the wall. Use some scissors to snip it off and you find the second clock hand.

Reunite the hand with the clock and your next task is to figure out what time to set it to.

As you wander around the rest of the bakery, there are a few clocks that are conspicuously stopped at 10:35 (you can see the real time on your wristwatch when you open your inventory).

Interact with each hand on the clock and turn the hour to 10 and the minute hand to 35 minutes past the hour.

The broken clock in Hello Neighbor 2 set to 10:35

Doing so opens a secret compartment in the clock and reveals one of the keys for the cash register - go and slot it back in the right place.

Hello Neighbor 2 Bakery Bush Puzzle

A cash register key stuck inside a bush in Hello Neighbor 2

Next, on the balcony on the second floor, you can see another cash register key on the inside of the bush in the middle.

To retrieve it, sneak through the side door downstairs and go into the first door on your left.

A red valve handle in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside, there’s a red wheel. Turn it and it will be added to your inventory. Now return to the upstairs floor and go into the bathroom.

A red boiler upstairs in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Here there’s a red boiler you can use the wheel with.

Turn the wheel once you’ve added it to the boiler, then go out onto the balcony.

One of the missing cash register keys hidden in a bush in Hello Neighbor 2

You can now use the scissors to chop down the bush and grab the second key. Take it down to the register.

Hello Neighbor 2 Cat Puzzle

With those two keys collected, it’s time to turn your attention downstairs. These are both quite difficult, but not impossible.

A cat clanking its food bowl in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Just inside the side door you see a cat clanking its food bowl.

To feed it and get another register key, you need to sneak up on the bakery as she prepares food or walks around and grab the key out of her back pocket.

The baker with a key in her back pocket in Hello Neighbor 2

You can either grab it while she goes between the counter and over in the downstairs bakery, or lure her upstairs with the shower and nab it while she investigates.

Either way, once you’ve got it, go into sideroom where you got the red wheel and use the key on the fridge.

A cat treat in a fridge in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside there’s a cat treat you can put into the cat’s bowl.

One of the missing cash register keys in the cat's bed in Hello Neighbor 2

Grab it and add it to their food bowl, then grab the cash register key and add it to the rest.

Hello Neighbor 2 Book Puzzle

Finally, as you explored upstairs you may have seen a locked book.

An ice block with a key inside in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

To access it, grab the ice block from the freezer next to the inside door downstairs.

Putting an ice cube into the oven in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Place the ice block in the oven and it will melt, revealing a key.

A cabinet with a fire extinguisher inside in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

On the back wall is a fire extinguisher. Take it and hold the action key over the over fire to douse the flames.

The key for the locked book upstairs in the bakery in Hello Neighbor 2

Grab the key, then make your way upstairs to unlock the book.

The last cash register key in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside is the final cash register key.

With them all collected, the Baker changes her pattern to patrol the front of the shop.

To lure her away you can turn on the shower upstairs.

A secret key hidden in the cash register in Hello Neighbor 2

With all the keys slotted, press 1576 and you get another key.

Running towards the museum with the bakery key in Hello Neighbor 2

Run away from the bakery and bake to the museum on the hill from the night before.

The locked reception room door in the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

The key opens the door in the entrance hall.

Hello Neighbor 2 Museum House Puzzle

To continue in the museum, you need to slot all of the house models in the right place on the diorama to the right of the main door.

The first model house in the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

The first house model is on top of the safe, next to the model village.

To get the second and third models, I found the best strategy was to run quickly rather than sneak.

The glass case containing the second model house in Hello Neighbor 2

The second model is in the glass case to the left as you go through the door.

You need to smash the glass by throwing an object like your crowbar or scissors into the case - just remember to pick them back up!

The third model house behind some cobwebs in Hello Neighbor 2

Return the second house to the model. Then the third house is behind the cobwebs to the right of the door - you need to snip them with your scissors.

With all three houses slotted, the safe opens and you can use the key to open the door behind you.

A hidden lamp in the back room of the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

Immediately as you enter, snip the cobwebs to your left and take the lamp.

A hidden room behind a painting in the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

Slot the lamp in the far wall, then interact with the lamps on either side of the portrait to move it.

A heart-shaped key in the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

In the next room grab the heart shaped key.

In the lamp room, use your crowbar to open the door on the right, then sneak upstairs.

The upstairs lock that's opened by the heart-shaped key in Hello Neighbor 2

The heart shaped key opens the door on the far side of the museum.

A bedroom in the museum in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside this room, interact with the photo inside the case to continue to the next day!

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