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Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough Part 1: Safe code, scissors and photo pieces

Stay safe on your return to Hello Neighbor with this walkthrough

Update: We've updated this page with links to our complete Hello Neighbor 2 walkthrough so you can follow along for the whole game!

It’s time to return to the mysterious Peterson house in Hello Neighbor 2, this time playing as a journalist searching for answers about the family’s missing children.

Hello Neighbor 2 is even more puzzle orientated than the first game, as you find and combine items from the environment to plunge deeper into the house and the surrounding buildings.

It’s a deep and complex game that can be more difficult than you first expect, and when it’s so easy to lose your bearings, get stuck and not know where to go next, a Hello Neighbor 2 walkthrough is a useful companion to get you through the game.

We’ll show you the solution to just about every required puzzle in the whole game, however, we will keep spoilers to a minimum to preserve your experience.

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Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough - The Barn

After Hello Neighbor 2’s opening cutscene, you find yourself by your crashed van stuck inside a barn.

In front of you is an example of the puzzle you need to solve to free yourself - a mesh of brightly hued cogs next to a lever. Pull the red lever to open the first door in front of you.

A key hanging on a rack in the barn in Hello Neighbor 2

Next, on your left is a key hung up on a rack next to a blue door, grab it and open the lock next to the rack.

The cog puzzle in the barn in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside you find the first cog, which can be placed into the mechanism by the barn door.

Opening a crate with a crowbar in Hello Neighbor 2

To the right of the mechanism you find a crowbar sticking out of a wooden crate. Take the crowbar with E, then open the crate with the bar equipped.

Inside the crate are some stones.

A rock smashing open a display case in the barn in Hello Neighbor 2

Pick up a stone, then throw it into the glass display case on your right - you need to be quite close to it for it to work properly - and collect the cog inside.

A board blocking a door in the barn in Hello Neighbor 2

Finally, return to the room that you woke up in after you crash and next to your van is a boarded door you can now open with your crowbar.

A red cog on a table in the barn in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside, climb the ladder, then jump up to the upper level. Here on the table you find the cog.

Return to the barn door, slot the final cog and escape!

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthrough Day 1 - The Neighbor’s House and Treehouse

When you awake on your first day in the neighborhood, you will be in your TV reporting studio.

On the monitors, you will see a police officer outside a house and this is the one you need to investigate too.

Just like in the first Hello Neighbor, your task for today is to find a way into the Petersons’ basement to search for clues. This means collecting four keys and unlocking the door in the middle of the home.

For this section in general, my advice is to complete all of your business in the downstairs of the house before you collect the scissors and make your way upstairs. This is because the Police Officer seems to stay outside until you do.

My second piece of advice is to immediately slot an item in its appropriate place as soon as you get it. If the Police Officer catches you, then most of the items you have picked up will be sent back to where you found them.

This includes keys and other puzzle items.

However, if you slot those items where they’re supposed to go, your progress is saved.

Hello Neighbor 2 Safe Code

The safe downstairs in the house in Hello Neighbor 2

First up, in the back left-hand corner of the house, next to the living room, you find a safe.

To work out the code, you need to find the four wooden blocks nearby and arrange them in the order of the flags behind the safe.

The second block for the safe code in Hello Neighbor 2

The first block is next to the safe. The second block is to the left, in the living room with the TV.

The third block for the safe code in Hello Neighbor 2

The third block is on the other side of the house, inside the toilet.

The final block for the safe code in Hello Neighbor 2

The fourth block is inside the fridge in the kitchen, behind the dinner plate.

You then arrange the blocks in the order, red, blue, green, yellow. This means the Hello Neighbor 2 safe code is: 1984.

This gives you the first key.

Hello Neighbor 2 code lock

Sliding back a picture to reveal the hidden code lock in Hello Neighbor 2

Next up, look behind you as you face the safe and next to the stairs is a picture on the wall. Interact with it and you reveal a three-digit code lock.

The TV that gives you the code for the lock in Hello Neighbor 2

To figure out the code, go to the living room and turn on the TV. This plays a show called “Sound of Nature”, or rather “Nouds of tenure”.

The correct code for the lock in Hello Neighbor 2

The three letters of the show gives you the code “NOT”, which you can turn the code to. This unlocks a secret room.

Hello Neighbor 2 doll house figures

The first figure for the doll house in Hello Neighbor 2

Inside the secret room under the stairs you find an extra crowbar and a figurine of the Peterson boy.

Grab the figurine and take it to the kitchen.

Next to the window is a doll house with three pressure plates on top.

Look at the picture on the fridge, then place the boy’s figure in the middle slot like he is in the image.

The second figure for the doll house in Hello Neighbor 2

Now look to the right of the doll house and use your crowbar on the wooden board on the wall. Inside the crevice is a figure of the Peterson girl.

Slot her figure on the left.

Where to find the third figure for the doll house in Hello Neighbor 2

Finally, head back to the stairs, turn around and look up, above the wardrobe there’s a painting you can move to access a vent.

Inside is a figure of Hello Neighbor himself, Mr Peterson. Take his figure and slot it on the right of the doll house.

The completed doll house puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

This gives you the second key for the basement.

Hello Neighbor 2 How to get Scissors

Now you’re all done with the downstairs of the Peterson house. Head outside and go across the road.

Here you’ll see a trampoline. Jump on it to get on the roof of the house across from the Petersons’.

A hidden compartment behind a picture of a robot in Hello Neighbor 2

Climb across the branch on your left to access the treehouse, then interact with the picture of the robot on the wall.

This slides open a hidden compartment with a sword inside.

Attaching a sword to the robot model in Hello Neighbor 2

Next, attach the sword to the actual robot, then twizzle his arms to match the positions in the picture.

A secret opening in the robot model in Hello Neighbor 2 revealing a switch

This opens his stomach and gives you a switch handle.

Place the switch handle in the slot next to the train set, then pull it.

Solving the train puzzle in the tree house in Hello Neighbor 2 to get some scissors

This dislodges the scissors that you can use to open the upstairs of the house.

Hello Neighbor 2 photo frame pieces

There are two keys in the upstairs of the Peterson house and they’re quite difficult to get - you will probably be caught a few times trying to collect them.

First, with the scissors, snip the tape covering the stairs and go up to the top.

The empty photo frame puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

Enter the first door on your left and go into the back bedroom. On the dresser on the left is a torn up photo you can interact with.

The first part of the missing photo in Hello Neighbor 2

Go into the room with the sofa before the bedroom, snip the crime tape and grab the first photo piece from the shelves behind. Add it to the photo frame before you do anything else.

The second part of the missing photo in Hello Neighbor 2

The next photo piece is in the crate on the landing. Open it with your crowbar and slot it in the frame.

A hidden kettlebell behind some cobwebs in Hello Neighbor 2

Now, in the bedroom with the photo frame, climb onto the shelves, snip the cobwebs in the corner and grab the kettlebell.

A kettlebell holding down a pressure plate in Hello Neighbor 2

Take the kettlebell down the hallway and into the last room on your left. Behind the wardrobe is a pressure plate you can drop the kettlebell on.

The third missing photo piece in Hello Neighbor 2

This opens a secret compartment on the other wall containing another photo piece.

The final missing photo piece in Hello Neighbor 2

Return it to the frame, but before you do, right next to the pressure plate is a cushion you can snip open to find the final piece of photo.

The third key for the basement door in Hello Neighbor 2

With all four pieces of the photo returned, a shelf pushes out of the bookcase next to it. This is very subtle and easy to miss, but it’s there and gives you the third key.

Hello Neighbor 2 remote control car puzzle

A spare handle in a crate in Hello Neighbor 2

For the final key, head back upstairs to the room before the bedroom with the photo frame. Pick up the handle from the floor in the crate.

A handle slot on a wall in Hello Neighbor 2

Now slot it into the switch next to the bookcase by the door.

A battery hidden behind cobwebs in Hello Neighbor 2

Pulling the handle reveals a hidden room where you can snip the cobwebs on the left to pick up a battery.

The remote control car puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

Take the battery down the hall and slot it into the controller for the remote car then interact with it.

This sends the car under the bed, where it grabs the final key. Use the controller again to return the car and pick up the key.

Hiding in a wardrobe from the police officer in Hello Neighbor 2

Doing this usually seems to attract the attention of the Police Officer, so hide in the nearby wardrobe if you hear him.

Also be careful in this room not to step on the squeaky toys in the middle of the rug, they make noise which can send him running to your location.

If he starts standing in front of the car and refuses to move, slip out of the move behind him, go downstairs and make some noise with an alarm clock or other noisy item, then go around him to collect the key from the car.

The basement of the house in Hello Neighbor 2

Once it’s in-hand, make your way back downstairs and into the basement.

The ominous museum in Hello Neighbor 2

Down here, interact with the newspaper on your right, then the key on your left and open up the storm doors to escape. Then follow the trail of paper planes to the museum and interact with the shovel to start Part 2 in the bakery!

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