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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fighting Forces Brilliant Event: How to get Malfoy Family Crest Foundables

The first part of the latest Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Brilliant event - Fighting Forces - is now live, bringing with it new Confounable foes, challenges, and rewards. One Brilliant Foundable is proving tougher to find than others: the Malfoy Family Crest. Here’s how you add it to your Registry.

Part one of the Fighting Forces Brilliant event sees you facing off in battle-style encounters against powerful dark wizards and death eaters, as well as escapees from the notorious magical prison, Azkaban.

Every time you complete a set of Special Assignments you'll receive a cache of rewards including Spellbooks and Restricted Section Books which help you to enhance your Profession abilities.

There are four tiers of Special Assignments you work your way through as part of the event:

Tier 1:

  • Use 1 Tonic for Trace Detection
  • Defeat 3 Brilliant Death Eater Foundables
  • Defeat 3 Oddities family Confoundibles

Tier 2:

  • Brew 4 potions
  • Return 3 Brilliant Azkaban Escapee Foundables
  • Use Healing Potion 5 times

Tier 3:

  • Complete 5 Wizarding Challenges
  • Use 5 Extimulo potions
  • Recover 3 Malfoy Family Crest Foundable Fragments

Tier 4:

  • Defeat 6 Oddities
  • Open a Brilliant Portkey
  • Return 4 Dark Arts family Foundables

How to get Malfoy Family Crest Foundables

The clue on how to get Malfoy Family Crest Foundable Fragments is in those Tier 3 challenges: complete Wizarding Challenges.

To get the elusive Malfoy Family Crest, you need to go to a Fortress and complete Wizarding challenges using Fighting Forces event Brilliant Runestones.

You then have a chance of receiving the Malfoy Family Crest as your completion reward.

Players are reporting that this seems to be completely random, so you may have to try many times to get the Fragment you need. You can collect more Runestones by levelling up your event Registry.

For the rest of the event challenges you might find our potion masternotes guide - which will help you brew health potions more quickly - useful for saving time.

This event also requires a lot of spell-slinging, which you can get to grips with using our guide on how to fight in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, here.

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