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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Auror, Professor and Magizoologist professions explained

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is now available for all you budding witches and wizards out there, so you can skip your N.E.W.Ts and jump right into the profession of your dreams.

There are three professions to choose from: A Magizoologist, a Professor and an Auror. Each has its own stats and skills and you can switch between professions at any time, depending on who you’re playing with or what for you’re facing.

Be warned, however, that if you switch profession, any Scrolls or Spells Books you’ve found and gained stats from won’t transfer between the different professions. You must be Level 6 before you're able to choose a profession but it won't take you long to get there.

Let’s take a look at the different roles in detail to help you make this decision. Or, you could go with your heart and be the Auror you’ve always dreamed of - we won’t judge.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Professions

As we said, there are three professions to choose from.

Wizards Unite ProfessionRoleStrong AgainstWeak ToDescription
AurorOffenseDark ForcesBeastsCombat veterans who use their leadership and spellcasting to defeat foes
ProfessorSupportCuriosotiesDark ForcesHighly adept spellcasters who use their knowledge to defeat foes
MagizoologistHealing TankBeastsCuriositiesWizards and Witches who are trained in the care of magical creatures, as well as acting as a healer for teammates

You can upgrade their stats by finding Scrolls and Spellbooks, so if you’re going to switch roles it will be less painful if you do it early on, as these items are rare.

Wizards Unite is a co-op game, so if you plan on playing with a few friends it would be useful to have a chat about what roles you’d each prefer. Having three high-level Aurors in your team might sound useful but as they say, variety is the spice of life and will work to your advantage.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Proficiencies and Deficiencies

Each profession has its own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Aurors are proficient against Dark Forces but are weaker against Beasts.
  • Magizoologoists are proficient against Beasts but weaker against Curiosities.
  • Professors are proficient against Curiosities, but weak to Dark Forces.

Dark Forces are the likes of Death Eaters and Dark Wizards, whereas Werewolves and Pixies are considered Curiosities. Erklings, Acromantula and such are your Beasts.

Each profession’s proficiency grants them +250 damage, plus an extra 150% Proficiency Power when they complete their first book of lessons. It’s also worth remembering that even as an Auror with 100 or more Power, you still won’t be as effective against a Beast as a Magizoologist at a lower level.

There are five enemy types:

  • Regular
  • Formidable
  • Imposing
  • Dangerous
  • Fierce

If you’re a Professor and you come up against a Dangerous Dark Wizard, you’ll have to hope there’s a powerful Auror by your side.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - Skills and spells

Each profession also comes with skill stats as well as spells unique to them. There are skills based on Critical Power, Accuracy, Stamina and Protego Power.

  • An Auror’s best skills are Power, Precision and Critical power.
  • A Professor’s best skills are Accuracy and Max Focus.
  • A Magizoologist’s best skills are Stamina, Defense and Initial Focus.

When it comes to spells, each profession has four available to them.


  • Weakening Hex: Impair a Foe by lowering their Power (-50%) Focus - 1.
  • Bat-Bogey Hex: Reduce a single Foe’s Stamina by a small amount (-3 Stamina) Focus - 0.
  • Focus Charm Transfer: Focus from yourself to a Teammate Focus - 1.
  • Confusion Hex: Impair a Foe by lowering their Defense, Dodge, and Defense Breach (-50%) Focus - 1.


  • Deterioration Hex: Place an Impairment on a Foe that lowers their Stamina (-80) every time they attack or defend. Focus cost - 3.
  • Mending Charm: Restore a Teammate’s Stamina by a small amount (4 Stamina). Focus cost - 0.
  • Protection Charm: Enhance a Teammate by increasing their Defense (50%). Focus cost - 3.
  • Proficiency Charm: Enhance your entire team by raising their Proficiency Power (47%). Focus cost - 7.


  • Stamina Charm: Restore the Stamina of a Teammate (30%). Focus cost - 2.
  • Mending Charm: Restore a Teammate’s Stamina by a small amount. Focus cost - 0.
  • The Revive Charm: Revive a knocked-out Teammate and restore a portion of their Stamina (100%). Focus cost - 1.
  • Bravery Charm: Enhance your entire team by raising their Power against Elite Foes (150%). Focus cost - 7.

Each spell costs Focus to use, which you can improve over time.

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