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Halo Infinite's head of design promises progression fixes are 'top of the list'

Halo Infinite's head of design “feels everyone’s pain” and will be making sure progression is altered as 343's latest game continues to court controversy.

Are you one of the millions of people who picked up Halo Infinite multiplayer since it launched out of the blue a few weeks back? If yes, then you've probably also noticed the frankly glacial pace at which you earn rewards and progress through the game's (now controversial) battle pass.

Well, rest assured: developer 343 Industries is working on it. The head of design on Halo Infinite, Jerry Hook, has said he understands the complaints of the community and fixing progression will be at the forefront of development efforts in the weeks ahead.

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“Yes, I am still playing Halo and feeling everyone’s pain on progression,” he said on Twitter. “We are back at it next week and this will be top of my list with the team.”

This follows comments from 343 community director Brian Jarrad going into the Thanksgiving weekend, who noted: “Changes will take time and our priority this week is giving the team a much deserved break for the holiday after a long final stretch.” Once the staff are back at work, then, community feedback will be addressed in new updates.

The first season of Halo Infinite multiplayer is Heroes of Reach, and 343's introduction of a battle pass system is at the centre of much community criticism.

Though there have been changes made to the way progression works since launch (you now get at least 50XP per game, meaning you can level up by playing 20 games even if you fulfil the conditions of none of the other challenges), players still bemoan the slow, grinding pace at which you move through the various levels in the pass.

These comments come after the game has received a large number of complaints from players that have been trying their hardest to progress through the samurai-inspired Fractures: Tenrai event, and make their way through the Season One battle pass, too.

Will these changes and alterations be fixed in time for the game's rumoured February 2022 event and playlist? Maybe.

If you want to accelerate the speed at which you unlock levels in the pass, why not check out our Halo Infinite mulitplayer tutorial for some easy levelling tips, or rejig your pad to the the best controller setup for Xbox and PC. You never know, it might help you land that elusive Killing Spree you need.

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