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Halo Infinite battle pass: How to level up quickly, how much it costs and best unlocks

Halo Infinite has a battle pass that's a tad on the slow side, so we show you how to level up quickly, how much the premium pass costs, and some of its best rewards.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been spending way too much time in the Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta. The online portion of the game we’re able to play right now is a blast reminiscent of great times we all used to have playing older classics in the series. There’s one major difference though, Halo Infinite’s main progression system comes in the form of a seasonal battle pass.

Right now, players can progress through the one hundred level Heroes of Reach battle pass to earn cosmetic rewards for their online avatar. This is the first of its kind in a Halo title, and is at the centre of much community criticism, although 343 Industries have been changing progression in response to these concerns.

This guide will take you through how to level up the Halo Infinite battle pass quickly, how much the premium battle pass costs, and a list of the best rewards found in the Heroes of Reach seasonal pass. After reading through this article, you’ll have a better understanding of what is for offer, and how much time and money you’ll need to invest to get what you want.

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Halo Infinite: how to level up the battle pass quickly

For those out of the loop, the Halo Infinite battle pass is a challenge-based progression system that rewards dedicated players with cosmetics of varying types in return for time investment. To find the pass and check your progress, you can find it in the top right corner of the game’s menu screen.

To progress through the pass as quickly as possible, you’ll want to complete all the daily and weekly challenges available. Every week, there are twenty weekly challenges that award upward of 200 battle pass experience points. The daily challenge only offers 50 experience points, but it’s absolutely worth booting up the game and completing it every day if you want to level up the battle pass quickly.

Each level of the battle pass requires 1,000 XP, so if you make sure to complete each weekly challenge and log in every day, you’ll at least hit five levels per week.

Since that’s still super slow, we recommend using XP boosts whenever you get them! You’ll pick these up as free rewards from the seasonal battle pass (and fracture events such as the Tenrai fracture event going on right now). Bear in mind that these only last one hour once activated including time spent in menus, so make sure you jump straight into games once you use them.

To make the most out of your boosts, save them until the weekly challenges reset and complete as many as you can within the hour. That way, you’ll use up these limited resources as efficiently as possible.

Even though you’ll obviously want to make your way through the pass as fast as possible, you don’t need to worry about missing out on any of the rewards. Halo Infinite seasonal passes are permanent, so you have all the time in the world to make your way through the pass. So don’t tear your hair out if you miss a week!

Halo Infinite: how much is the premium battle pass?

The premium battle pass costs one thousand credits, or £7.99 or $10. You can also buy boosts through the battle pass with credits. Each level costs two hundred credits, so if you've got tonnes of dosh you could hypothetically spend 20,000 credits, or $200 to boost all the way up to max rank straight away. The VG247 yearly subscription is only £40, by the way, in case you were considering burning that much cash.

But what does it do? Well for one, it unlocks an additional weekly challenge slot for you, which as you’d expect allows you to work your way through the battle pass quicker. It also provides access to a vast number of additional unlocks in the battle pass (including most of the best cosmetics, I’m afraid) so fashionistas out there may have to pull their wallet out.

Halo Infinite - is the premium battle pass worth it?

So, here’s the thing. If you don’t really care about cosmetics at all you’ll be totally fine not buying this premium pass. All it offers are cosmetics, and thanks to the ranked playlist you’ll be able to show of your dedicated that way instead.

If you do care about looking good, it must be said that the majority of exceptional cosmetics are only available to owners of the premium pass. For example, in the Heroes of Reach seasonal pass, all the armour cores for the Noble team are rewards for premium owners.

Now you can earn cool looking cosmetics in Halo Infinite for free through fractures events, limited time passes that offer players weird and wonderful rewards throughout their duration. But we are not too sure how often they’ll pop up in Halo Infinite, and obviously it possible that the theme of a current fracture event isn’t your thing.

So, with all that considered, if you care about looking cool in Halo Infinite it’s worth grabbing the premium pass. One great thing mentioned previously in this guide is that these passes are permanent, so any money you spend won’t get wasted by the pass being phased out. In short, go for it!

Halo Infinite: Season one battle pass best unlocks showcase

Now onto the fun stuff, it’s time for the fashion (and non wearable cosmetics) show! Allow me to catwalk-style show off some of the nicer obtainables of the season one pass, with corresponding info to help you grasp exactly how long it’ll take you to get it.

Halo Infinite season one is themed around a previous game in the series, Halo Reach, so expect to see a lot of returning cosmetics from that era coming back.

The Eva Epic Helmet - The beloved classic. A great helmet in general, without any additional attachments required. Great for showing off visors. Requires premium battle pass level 10.

Ancient Code Epic AI Color - Bit of a curveball here. The faded white is a great look, and is a tad subtler than the bright colours you have access to by default. Evokes Neir Automata (which is a good thing). Requires free battle pass level 31.

Noble Strike Epic Stance - In my mind the Selvedge denim of edgy poses. Back turned to the camera, looking over the shoulder, sniper rifle in hand. The mandatory pose of terminal no-scopers and trick shot fiends. Requires premium battle pass level 39.

Recon Helmet Legendary Helmet - The original choice for those wanting to own that “alternative” look back in the day. Slick helmet plus the thin visor leads to an iconic look in its own right. Requires premium pass level 45.

Judgment Phoenix Legendary Helmet - The halfway milestone reward for this mountainous climb through the battle pass. This kill affect causes enemies you kill to explode in a skull shaped fireball. Shang Tsung would be proud. Require premium battle pass level 50.

Dynasty Epic Visor - Reminds me somewhat of a faberge egg. Golden trim threaded through a regal pattern of black and emerald green. For refind tastes. Probably looks stupid on the Eva. Requires free battle pass level 51.

ODST Epic helmet - For hipsters who still to this day maintain that Halo 3: ODST was the best one. Also for those trying to peel away the “Super” from the “Super Soldier” look Spartans have. Requires Premium battle pass level 65.

Superintendent Legendary AI Model - Another cool callback to Halo 3 ODST, and a friendly cartoonish face that is sure to please some. Requires Premium battle pass level 70.

Noble Justice Legendary Stance - Using one arm to hold a giant machine gun turret is awesome. It just is. Obviously meant to be paired with the Jorge legendary armor kit but just a cool all-rounder. Require premium battle pass level 79.

Mark 4 Epic Helmet - One for the oldies out there. It’s Master Chief’s old helmet, and as such is just a great thing to have on hand. Never ever take it off. Require premium battle pass level 84.

Dragoon Epic Visor - A deep red visor has always been a cool way of making your Spartan look a little bit evil. Those out there with an eye for creating good looks with have a field day with this for sure. Requires free battle pass level 94.

Judgement Flame Mythic Effect Set - Adds all manner of fire-based effects to your character. A big show-off piece. Not a huge fan of the fire effects personally, but it looks great even to me. Require premium battle pass level 100.

Halo Infinite - How to unlock all Noble Team armors

You didn’t think I’d miss these off on purpose did you? The truth is, I love all the noble team armor sets, so instead of listing them all in the prior section, they get their own. That way, you can easily find out how to look like the specific member you want.

  • Carter - A259 Kit. Requires premium battle pass level 20.
  • Jun - A266 Kit. Requires Premium battle pass level 40.
  • Catherine - B320 Kit. Requires battle pass level 60.
  • Jorge - 052 Kit. Requires battle pass level 80.
  • Emile- A239 Kit. Requires battle pass level 95.

That wraps up our Halo Infinite season one battle pass guide! The game’s multiplayer beta is proving a hugely popular release, attracting a peak of roughly a quarter of a million concurrent players on Steam alone on launch day. If you’re looking to get the best looking armor, we’ve got a guide on the Yorai armor core coming with the next Fractures event too.

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