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Halo Infinite Tenrai Event - how to level quickly, and how long does it take to finish the pass

If you're trying to get the most out of the Tenrai event, we've broken down how long it takes to get everything you want.

If you’ve booted up Halo Infinite recently, you’ll have noticed a peculiar extra form of progression in addition to the seasonal standard. This is the Tenrai Fracture event - a limited-time event where players will be able to complete additional weekly challenges to earn themselves samurai themed cosmetics for their spartan.

If you’re a player looking to power their way through the Tenrai fractures event, this guide will take you through how to level up the tenrai fracture pass quickly, how to unlock the Yoroi armor, and how long it will take to complete.

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Halo Infinite - How to quickly level up the tenrai fracture pass

To level up the Tenrai fracture event pass up quickly, you need to make sure you are completing every special Tenrai event weekly challenge when they’re available. To see what challenges are available, head to your challenge page through the battle pass section at the top right of the menu screen.

Once you pull up your list of daily and weekly challenges, you should notice some have an orange border if a fracture event is active. These orange challenges are fracture event challenges, and completing them will progress you through the pass.

For each fracture event challenge you complete, you will go up a single level in the Tenrai Fracture event pass. You may have been confused by the experience points located next to these challenges - that goes towards the main seasonal pass you currently have active.

If you can’t see any fracture challenges, check the upcoming tab. You may need to complete one of your active weekly challenges for a tenrai weekly challenge to become available, so don’t panic!

Remember that you can use challenge swaps you’ve unlocked from the free battle pass to swap out one of your difficult non-tenrai weeklies. This will allow you to go through and finish them all quicker if you’re happy to use them.

Halo Infinite - How long does it take to finish the Tenrai pass

There are seven weekly Tenrai challenges per week, meaning you’ll gain seven Tenrai pass levels per week. Since there are a total of 30 levels in the pass, you’ll need to complete all the weekly challenges for five weeks to unlock all the cosmetics available.

The Tenrai fracture event will not be around forever, so be sure to complete all of these whenever you can. 343 Industries have confirmed that the Tenrai event will return throughout the season, so keep an eye out for when it pops up again if you want to unlock everything.

Halo Infinite - How to unlock the Yoroi armor?

A tantalizing look for your spartan ever since the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta came out, the yoroi armor is one of the cosmetic unlocks you can obtain through completing the Tenrai fracture pass.

It’s available at level 5, so you only need to complete one week of weeklies to unlock this armor core. We do recommend you power through it further though, as even the small boosts can come in handy and are relatively easy to obtain.

That wraps up our guide on the Halo Infinite Tenrai fracture event pass. We’ve got far more where that came from if you’re keen on quickly leveling up through the seasonal battle pass, or want to know the best controller setup for Xbox and PC there’s plenty for you here!

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