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The Halo Infinite Battle Pass has been changed in response to progression concerns

For those who are struggling to make their way up the battle pass, 343 has added a new daily challenge that could help.

A new update in the Halo Infinite battle pass saga graced the internet, as 343 Industries continues to try and adjust the progression systems in their hit multiplayer beta. Their latest attempt? They’ve added a new daily challenge called "Practice Makes Perfection" to the game that rewards players fifty pass XP for completing a single multiplayer match.

For those not in the loop, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta has been largely received as an incredibly enjoyable experience, with huge numbers of players hopping in since its surprise launch this week. The only major issue seems to be with the progression, which comes in the form of a singular experience bar attached to seasonal battle passes.

Rather than gaining experience naturally as you play the game, experience is gathered through completing weekly and daily challenges. This has caused players who just want to focus on playing well and winning games to become a tad frustrated, as they’ve found that doing so plays second fiddle to ticking off boxes.The XP rewards are also quite meagre, with weeklies providing only two hundred XP per pop, while a single rank in the one-hundred-rank battle pass requires one thousand points.

So what’s the fix? Well, 343 Industries has added a new daily challenge to the game. It starts as “Complete any match” for 50 XP. Once completed, this challenge upgrades to complete a larger number of games for larger quantities of experience.

So for example, let's say you complete the daily, the day after it will upgrade to complete five for 150 XP. So while this initially sounds like a measly bonus, it eventually builds up to become quite substantial.

Additional explanation comes from 343 Industries community manager John Junyszek on Twitter, where he wrote: “We'll also be adjusting, fixing bugs with, and removing some Weekly Challenges based on your feedback. These tunings to challenge difficulty will help you progress through Weekly Challenges faster and thus directly speed up your progress through the Battle Pass.”

So this ongoing process seems to be getting better slowly. 343 Industries has brought up this issue multiple times via aforementioned posts from their community manager or official blog posts. It’s clear that this matter isn’t resolved quite yet, but it is nice to see consistent communication on the matter.

We just recently posted our Halo Infinite campaign impressions, in which Alex Donaldson reports on his impressions of the single player content coming later this year.

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