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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy coming to consoles and PC in October

Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have announced a new Guardians of the Galaxy game, following on from the publisher's Marvel's Avengers game.

It's a single-player, third-person action-adventure game. You will play as Star-Lord – AKA Peter Quill – as you explore the universe and connect with the cosmic side of the Marvel world.

Power blasters and jet boots will help you take on the various enemies you will encounter, and you will be able to call upon your allies' abilities to break through obstacles, too.

"Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is created by the seasoned Eidos-Montréal team, working closely with Marvel Entertainment to provide an original and authentic experience inspired by over 50 years of Guardians of the Galaxy lore," reads a press release from Square Enix. "Influenced by the comics, this unique spin on the Guardians of the Galaxy will take players on a riotous journey across the stars as Peter Quill and the Guardians unintentionally become the galaxy's first and last line of defense."

"Fire up Star-Lord’s jet boots for a wild ride across the cosmos in this third-person action-adventure game, a fresh take on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy," says a blurb on the trailer.

"With the unpredictable Guardians at your side, blast your way from one explosive situation to another, with original and iconic Marvel characters caught in a struggle for the fate of the universe. You got this. Probably."

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy wouldn’t be complete without a killer soundtrack to rock out to while soaring through space in the Milano – that's one of the series' most notable asset, after all. As per Square Enix, "the game is jam-packed with classic 1980s hits and kicking original tracks".

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is coming October 26, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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