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How do you destroy the Mining Rigs during the "In Service of Asgard" Favour in God of War Ragnarok?

Help heal old wounds by creating new problems for Odin

As Kratos, Atreus and Mimir make their way through the Dwarven city of Nidavellir in search of Durlin in God of War Ragnarok, they happen across a bard, Raeb, in a deserted tavern.

Apparently, Mimir is not well liked by the dwarves of Svartalfheim because of his hand in Odin’s subjugation of the realm. In the nearby Bay of Bounty, the dwarves maintain three Mining Rigs in service of Asgard.

To go some way to making amends for his deceitful past, Kratos and Atreus agree to help Mimir take the Mining Rigs out of commission and sever one of Odin’s key holds over Svartalfheim.

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To begin the In Service of Asgard Favour, after making your way through the Aurvangar Wetlands and Nidavellir, leave the tavern by the far door and board the boat at the end of the dock outside. Then bear right at the fork into the Bay of Bounty rather than left towards Durlin’s office.

Your goal is to shut down three Mining Rigs: Modvitnir’s Rig in the southwest, Radsvinn’s Rig in the middle next to Sindri’s shop and Althjof’s Rig in the northwest.

God of War Ragnarok In Service of Asgard Mining Rigs

Are you stuck on a particular section of this quest? Navigate using the links below to the solution for each Mining Rig.

Is the In Service of Asgard Favour worth completing in God of War Ragnarok?

While not all of the Favours in God of War Ragnarok yield incredible rewards, In Service of Asgard is one of the most important early side quests and gives you fast access to one of the best armor sets in the whole game.

It’s also a great introduction to the mix of combat, puzzles and story that makes up the majority of God of War Ragnarok, so not only is it worth doing for the reward, but to acclimatise you to the game’s mechanics as well.

How do you shut down Modvitnir’s Rig in God of War Ragnarok?

Kratos and Atreus arrive on the beach of the Modvitnir Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Paddle up to the dock at Modvitnir’s Rig and disembark, then hop up the ledge and get ready to squish some Wild Wretches.

Kratos throwing his axe at a target to open a gate in God of War Ragnarok

Once they’re dealt with, take a right and grapple up this second ledge, then throw your Leviathan Axe at the target on the right after grabbing the sack of hacksilver.

Hitting the target lowers the gate in front of you can lets Kratos leap over the broken bridge on the other side.

Kratos stands over a glowing item cache in God of War Ragnarok

Climb the wooden structure and loot the chest on top, then head to the right. Inside the chest is the first half of the Muspelheim seed, which you won’t be able to complete until much later in your adventure.

The vantage point needed to defeat the Ormr on Modvitnir's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Before you swing over the gap, look down and to the right and you should see a barking Ormr. This is a special enemy that you can only defeat from behind. Throw your axe from this vantage point and they will drop some good items for scavenging, including forged iron and slag deposits.

Kratos lining up an axe throw to spin a crane in God of War Ragnarok

Now swing across and drop down to the right to grab your Ormr items. Back up top, look over out across the bay and throw your axe at the target on the right-hand side of the crane to swing it across the inaccessible gap ahead of you. Hit the right-hand target again to move it the full distance.

Now swing across, defeat the wretches, then loot the chest on your left by swinging the crane further around so you can cross the gap.

Next drop the golden chain behind you to give a quick way back to the beach you landed on, then climb the chain up to the top level.

A chunk of Nidavellir ore falling out of a furnace in God of War Ragnarok

Here you have a tough slog against a Bergsra Mother to face up to, but once it’s down approach the furnace and cut into its grate with your Blades of Chaos.

This shuts down the first Mining Rig and rewards you with a piece of forged iron and some Nidavellir Ore which you can take to Sindri to make a great piece of equipment.

Use the chains to return to your boat and press forward onto the second Mining Rig.

How do you shut down Radsvinn’s Rig in God of War Ragnarok?

The map location of Radsvinn's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

On the middle island in the Bay of Bounty you find Sindri at a makeshift smithy. Craft or upgrade any items you need because next up is a tough fight.

Radsvinn’s Rig is more of a combat challenge than a puzzle, so head east from Sindri, climb the ledge with your blades and then the wooden structure at the top of it.

Kratos squares up to a pack of Grim and Wretches on Radsvinn's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

The Rig is lousy with venomous Grim, either attached to the walls or stalking around the furnace. From your vantage point you can take the fight to the Grim before they realise you’re there and knock down a couple of them with a well-placed ranged attack.

Stay mobile, using the grapple points to swing over to the second level of the rig if necessary, to avoid the globs of poison and claw attacks from the Grim. After a few are defeated some Nightmares - giant flying eyeballs - appear, who are best dealt with using ranged attacks.

Once they’re all defeated, approach the burning furnace, cut into it with your blades and claim your second Nidavellir Ore along with some rawhide and hacksilver.

The first torch on Radsvinn's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

We have a full page on how to solve all of the Nornir chests in God of War Ragnarok, but quickly, to grab the one here you need to light the three braziers in the near vicinity with your blades by aiming with L2, then pressing R2.

The line of sight Kratos needs to use to light the third torch on Radsvinn's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

The first brazier is just to the left of the chest, the second is 360 behind you obscured by a grate. To light it, swing up to the second level of the Mining Rig and throw your axe at the pot above it.

The barrels blocking the second torch on Radsvinn's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

The third is to the right of the chest, behind some barrels that shimmer green and need to be destroyed by an arrow from Atreus.

Kratos lines up a shot against one of Odin's spies in God of War Ragnarok

There’s also one of Odin’s spies perched on a fishhook overlooking the bay.

How do you shut down Althjof’s Rig in God of War Ragnarok?

The map location of Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Approach Althjof’s Rig from the water and disembark at the dock. Climb up the chain in front of you and just to your left, through a hole in the wall, is one of Odin’s Ravens.

The correct position of the lift wheel on Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

To progress the Mining Rig puzzle, approach the wheel on the right and interact with it. Wheel the crane down until you can use the grapple point to swing across the gap.

Kratos pulling a lift with his Blades of Chaos on Althjof's Mining Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Then go to the crane and use your blades to pull down the cage platform so you have a clear path across.

Kratos exploding a red barrel to create a path on Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Swing over, then use your blades to blow open a path on the left using your Blades of Chaos.

In the next area, bear left and climb the wall on the other side of the platform. Follow the path around to the right and break the shields on your left as you go to clear a quick way back up here.

Kratos opening a large metal gate in God of War Ragnarok

Next, wrench open the wood and metal gate on the right and drop down on the other side. Use the red barrel to blow open another path and continue left, climbing up the painted wood on the right.

Kratos smashing through a weak point in the floor on Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

After your climb, smash through the floor below and defeat the draugr. To get the chest on the other side of the gap you can see down here, return to the wheel from the start of the puzzle and roll the crane swing all the way to the bottom so you can hop across. You get a couple of pieces of forged iron.

Kratos using his Blades of Chaos to lift a platform on Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

While you’re down here, use your blades on the crane floor to hurl the platform back up to the top of the crane structure, then go back to the wheel and roll the swing up to match the platform.

The correct position for the higher crane on Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Next, grapple up to your left and use the now raised platform and swing to get across to the other side of the Mining Rig. Drop the golden chain on the right for a quick way back, but your goal is at the top of the painted wooden wall.

Defeat the Grim and Draugr, then approach the furnace to destroy Althjof’s Rig and claim your final piece of Nidavellir Ore. Take it back to Sindri for your prize at your leisure.

This completes the In Service of Asgard Favour and dishes out a good chunk of XP for both Kratos and Atreus, as well as lifting a load from Mimir’s conscience.

Kratos and Atreus reveal the hidden path on top of Althjof's Rig in God of War Ragnarok

However, your work isn’t quite done on Althjof’s Rig. As you look away from the furnace on your left are some barrels that can be destroyed by Atreus’ arrows.

Break them and climb around to the platform they were blocking. Grapple across then look to your right - there’s another room you can smash into if you raise the crane again.

Kratos using his Blades of Chaos to swing across a crane in God of War Ragnarok

Drop the chain on the left, use the wheel to raise the crane, then climb back up the chain and use the swing to crash through the wall. Follow the path around to the right and you find a chest containing a Runic attack for your Axe.

With that in hand, you can now return to the boat and either make your way to Durlin’s office or take on the Weight of Chains Favour.

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