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God of War Ragnarok Valhalla's credits don't mark the end of the series' story, writer teases

Beardy man seemingly has more unfinished business on the horizon.

Kratos battling some creatures in God of War Ragnarok Valhalla.
Image credit: VG247/Sony Santa Monica.

Even though a lot of people are still battling their way through God of War Ragnarok’s recently released Valhalla DLC, one of the game’s writers is already teasing that there’s more to come from the series’ story after its credits roll.

Yes, it looks like your favourite beefy mythological warrior and/or his mates will have more emotional cutscenes and axe-swinging battles to take on in the future, though the nature of what Sony Santa Monica might have planned remains shrouded in mystery. Because if you’re going to say a thing on Twitter, why would you be anything but maddeningly vague?

That exactly what SSM Senior Writer Orion Walker has done (thanks, GamesRadar), musing: “You really think the *credits* are the end of the story? C'mon. C'mon now.” It’s a pretty nice tease, and has sent the game’s community into a spoiler-heavy frenzy of speculation.

Given they’ve already dedicated plenty of time to theorising about where the series’ tale could go following the events of Ragnarok, odds are there’ll be plenty of people with a bunch of Norse and Greek mythology in their search histories in the run up to Christmas.

If you’re a big God of War buff and haven’t managed to get around to playing through the DLC yet, lots of folks are reporting that there’s more to it than just being a fun little roguelike thing that’ll take up a little bit of your time.

Taking place following the events of the main game, the DLC sees Kratos have to fight through the depths of Valhalla in a manner that’ll see you have to overcome challenges and master the different styles of combat required by various armaments. There are also plenty of upgrades and choices to make that’ll influence how your runs play out.

Another game that saw some DLC revealed at The Game Awards was Final Fantasy 16, in the form of Echoes of the Fallen, which serves as the first bit of a two part DLC package.

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