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Genshin Impact's newest 2.4 update has gone live today

Adding a new Archon story quest, a new zone, and two new characters... This update is a monster.

Genshin Impact’s latest update has dropped today, providing a much needed injection of new content into MiHoYo’s popular action RPG. Bringing significant story content ,as well as a range of new characters and an entirely new zone, it stands out as one of the game’s most significant updates for some time.

The shining feature of the 2.4 update is Enkanomiya, a huge new expanse of islands found underneath the oceans around Inazuma. Here players can explore a vast new region filled with new treasure, puzzles, and dangers granted they’ve completed the world quests "The Still Water's Flow" and "The Moon-Bathed Deep".

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In addition to this large new area to much about with, the update comes with two new characters. Named Shenhe and Yun Jin, these new additions to the Genshin Impact roster are featured heavily in the new archon story quest players are able to take on this patch. In this quest, players are charged with helping to rebuild the Jade Palace in Liyue harbour.

In their travels, they’ll soon come across Shenhe who acts as a major companion in the narrative. As a cryo polarm user, she’s able to put enemies on ice with sweeping strikes and the help of an icy avatar she can summon.

While yun Jin is featured, players will have to jump into the newly added character trail to test out her kit - as she acts solely as a friendly acquaintance in the story rather than a playable companion.

Both are available in new wish banners right now, with Shenhe taking the illusive five-star slot while Yun Jin is a far more attainable four-star prize. In addition Xiao, Ningguang, and Chongyun are returning characters available in their own wish banner, which is running alongside the 2.4 update.

As the 2.4 update progresses, we’re due to see additional content come including another wish banner with more returning characters, alongside the Lantern Rite festival, Windtrace, the “A study in Potions” event, and some new character skins.

If you’re looking to get up to date on the latest coming with Genshin Impact’s latest update, we’ve got guides on how to unlock the Enkanomiya map, as well as character builds for Shenhe and Yun Jin.

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