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Genshin Impact: All Millennial Miner item locations

Looking to secure the bag in The Chasm? Here are all six item locations for the Millennial Miner World Quest

The Millennial Miner world quest is one of the new additions added with the Genshin Impact version 2.6 update, and is located bang smack in the middle of The Chasm. However, the objectives of this quest aren’t too clear, and leave a lot of the footwork up to the player’s inuation.

But who needs intuition? It’s 2022, and like any proper Genshin Impact player you’re far too concerned with grinding out those Primo Gems as fast as possible to actually sit down and figure out quests. As such, we’ve written out this quick guide taking you through the locations of all the Millennial Miner items.

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Cup of Commons

This item requires you to complete the Undetected Infiltration world quest, something you’ll naturally pick up as part of the main quest taking you through The Chasm. Once you’ve wiped out the treasure hunter camp, you’ll be rewarded with a precious chest. Open this chest up, and the Cup of Commons is yours.

Flower of Farsight

Travel to the highest point of The Chasm to the West called the Cinnabar Cliff, and talk to the bozo you find there. He’s guarding the flowers you need, so all you need to do is go ahead and pick one up, and then beat him up when he gets mad about it.


Travel to the top of the mountain to the East of The Chasm (marked on the map below). Once here, you’ll see an eagle circle a wooden beam. Walk up to the beam, and you’ll find a nest with the feather inside.

Sundial of Ages

Head to The Surface region in The Chasm, to the location marked on the map below. Once there, you’ll see a table in front of a shrine. Interact with this table and you’ll find the sundial.

Helm of Warding

Head to the wooden building next to The Chasm Maw, and make your way inside via the outdoor stairs. Once inside, make your way down to the bottom floor via a hole in the floor into a room with a lit lantern. From the lantern room, move into the next room over, and you’ll find an explosive barrel. Pull a Pyro character out, or pull Amber out of retirement, and blow this up. It will burn the fur on the floor, revealing a secret compartment with the helmet inside.

Warrior’s Spear

This item can be found directly south of the Quest NPC, up a steep mountain. To reach it, all you have to do is start climbing to the peak. Once there, you’ll find the spear stuck in the ground next to a few flowers.

Once you offer all of these to the memorial, a space will open up nearby with a precious chest and a full artefact set. Once you’ve picked it up, head back up and talk to the NPC. That’ll finish up the quest and finish up The Millennial Miner!

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