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Genshin Impact has a vanishing story problem and the desire for a narrative archive is growing

One user has created a proof of concept which could very well fix this issue.

Genshin Impact has a narrative problem. More and more as the hugely popular gacha action RPG gains new updates (and rotates old content out in typical live service fashion), it’s becoming harder and harder to learn about the vast collection of events, characters, and interactions.

The latest product of community frustration towards this problem comes in the form of a concept event archive created by Reddit user Jokohama. This skillfully created portrayal of an in-game archive would allow players to go back and experience previous content currently absent from the game. But why is this important to the playerbase? We reached out to Jokohama to find out.

Watch the Shikanoin Heizou gameplay demo here!

“ For old players like me, I think going online and reading up to know more about the game is okay, because I want to know more about things I did not discover myself. But the game is still a game, and it is most enjoyable playing it, experiencing it first hand.” Jokohama first started playing Genshin during the first month of its release, and while they themselves haven’t missed a big in-game update, they still see value in going back and experiencing old content.

“For new players, as the character pools grow bigger and bigger, they will get a lot of characters from gacha and it would be a shame if they don't understand a character because all of their backstories are locked in events (like Fischl). It's getting harder for me to get my friends to play GI now because they feels like they are missing too much.” Fischl is a perfect example, as they are currently at the centre of important new narrative development with update 2.8. Once we move onto the next big patch later this year, everything present in the game relating to Fischl right now will likely be removed.

We know this because something very similar happened exactly one year ago. “A suitable example here is the said summer trip last year. That's the trip with Diluc and Kaeya having interactions with each other and I think it would be fantastic to watch it all again. These two guys had a deep history but not many new users know that.”

It’s worth noting that Genshin Impact is by no means the sole sufferer of this issue. Destiny 2 infamously has seen multiple expansions (including the single player campaign included in the base game on release) removed entirely. As a new player jumping in for the first time, you’re left largely unsure of what has happened in the world before you joined. In addition, current seasonal content features spirits of returning characters that died in removed content. Big and exciting for long term players, but a source of confusion for new players no doubt.

Concept event archive feature from Jokohama on Reddit
Check out Jokohama's concept for yourself here.

As for whether Jokohama believes a feature like the one they workshopped will actually be added to the game, they remain uncertain in spite of their passionate feelings on the topic.

“I stand from a user's point of view, so I think my concept solves some problems that users don't want. I think it brings value to both old players (re-experiencing stories - helps serve end-game contents too) and new players (reduce FOMO, understand characters and lore better, and maybe collect old exclusive weapons too).”

“But to be implemented in the game is not likely at the moment, because it would get a lot of technical issues (duplicate maps, storage, how to add and remove parts of an open world...) and business issues (reduce the value of major patches because users can always do that later). So, it will be an uncertain future”.

Do you wish old narrative and gameplay content would return to Genshin Impact in some form? Do you mind looking up past story details on wikis and forums?

If you're looking to get into Genshin Impact, in spite of this glaring issue, don’t lose heart! Check out our beginner’s guide hub for a collection of entry level support articles!

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