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Fortnite Omega Knight quests - All Omega Knight token locations

A hunting we will go

The next round of Fortnite Omega Knight quests are live, tasking you with finding Omega Knight level-up tokens for the second week in a row. There are seven tokens scattered around the island each week for four weeks, starting May 4, and finding all seven unlocks a new set of cosmetics for your Omega Knight skin. It’ll take some time, but we’ll be updating this each week as new Level Up Tokens drop on the island.

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How do you get the Omega Knight quests?

Unlike most quests, the Omega Knight quests are locked behind a special pack that’s bundled in with the Omega Knight skin set. It’ll cost you 1,200 VBucks – roughly $15 – and the pack comes with an extra bundle of cosmetics, assuming you complete all the quests. Omega Knight quests revolve around finding seven level-up tokens, and you’ll get a new cosmetic for reaching each milestone.

All Omega Knight Token locations - Week 3

Token east of Tilted Towers

This is one of the easier tokens to grab at any point in the match. Head to the pond east of Tilted Towers, and you'll find the token at the end of the pier.

Token northwest of Tilted Towers

This one is technically closer to the Command Cavern, but head to where the river splits, and you'll find the token near a zipline. Hop on the zipline to grab the token.

Token east of Synapse Station

This one is also near a pond, to the side of the road northwest of Chonkers Speedway.

Token east of Greasy Grove

While you're in the area, head to the bridge on the way to Greasy Grove, drop down, and grab the token underneath it.

Token east of Daily Bugle

Follow the road north of the Daily Bugle, and you'll find this one on a small rise to the right.

Token near Shifty Shafts

The Shifty Shafts token is on a cliff just slightly northwest of the first S in the region's map label.

Token on an island northeast of Sanctuary

Head to the big island for this one. The token is on the rooftop of the building near the launchpad.

All Omega Knight Token locations - Week 2

Token Southeast of Sanctuary

This one is on the road between Sanctuary and The Joneses, just northeast of the bend near the craters.

Token northeast of Rocky Reels

Head to the settlement on the other side of the river from Rocky Reels to get this one. It's easy to grab during most matches since it's near the middle of the map.

Token on an island south of Greasy Grove

It's best to land on the island if you can. Otherwise, it almost inevitably gets swallowed by the storm in the first round.

Token near Sleepy Sound

This is one of the easier tokens to grab, as it's sitting right on the road west of Sleepy Sound.

Token south of Command Center

This is another fairly simple token to grab, since it's just outside the Command Center entrance. Given the Center's positioning, you'll want to try and get it early, before the storm cuts off the western part of the island.

Token northwest of Greasy Grove

The second Greasy Grove token is another one you'll want to grab early or land near. It's in a bend in the road near the west coast.

Token north of Condo Canyon

Follow the road north out of Condo Canyon, and you'll run across this token.

All Omega Knight Token locations - Week 1

Here’s where to find each of this week’s Level Up Tokens. The quest markers on the map are typically off by several meters, so we’ve marked the exact locations in red on the images below. Once you get close enough, you’ll see a Token icon pop up on your mini-map too.

Token southwest of Greasy Grove

This one is southwest of the restaurant in the center of Greasy Grove, near the edge of the map. Since it’s in the middle of nowhere, it’s best to drop here first and make your way to areas less drastically affected by the storm.

Token northwest of Camp Cuddle

The quest icon shows this one in the river. It isn’t.

Token northwest of Logjam Lumberyard

This one is on a rise north of the Logjam icon on the map. It’s a good place to hit first, since Logjam has some cars you can hop in to get around the rest of the map faster. There’s a Stormtrooper checkpoint not too far away as well, so hit that up if you still need to complete a Stormtrooper bounty.

Token on an island East of Sanctuary

This is probably the most straightforward. Swim out to the southeastern island east of Sanctuary, and you’ll find the token at the eastern tip.

Token west of the Joneses

The description is a bit vague here, as the token is between Chonker’s Speedway and The Joneses, just north of the desert.

Token at Coney Crossroads

The quest marker suggests it’s actually inside the building complex at Coney Crossroads, but it’s on a hill to the southeast.

Token near Tilted Towers

South of the towers and up a hill is where you’ll find this Token.

What are the Omega Knight quest rewards?

Here's what you'll get this week for all your trouble:

Complete 7 quests: Knight's Torment Black Bling Complete 14 quests: Knight's Torment Pickaxe Complete 21 quests: Knight’s Torment (Aurum Eques Style) Complete 28 quests: Omega Knight (Aurum Eques Style)

The Omega Knight skin itself unlocks as soon as you purchase the Omega Knight pack.

If you’re just getting started in this week’s new Fortnite content, make sure to grab a lightsaber and stop by a Stormtrooper checkpoint to complete the new quests.

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