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Fortnite Cog Tags locations - Where to find Cog Tags

Just another cog in the machine

Collecting Fortnite Cog Tags is part of the new Delta One set of challenges in the Gears Fortnite crossover.

You need to collect three of the tiny (oh-so-tiny) tags scattered around the map, and while the quest itself points you in the right direction, the tags are incredibly easy to overlook unless you know exactly where to check.

Where to find Fortnite Cog Tags

10 Cog Tags are scattered around the map, though most of them are concentrated in the north and northeastern portions. It’s easier, obviously, to collect the ones nearest to each other, but being so far north means you’re more likely to get stuck in the storm if you take too long.

These are in high demand, so expect at least a handful of other players to show up during your hunt. As with other item collection quests, we recommend grabbing at least one weapon and some shield potions before starting your search, if you can.

The Cog Tags are marked on the mini-map with small diamond icons that have an exclamation mark (!) in them, and you’ll see the tags as pickups with a blue halo.

We’ve had the easiest time finding Cog Tags in these places.

Fortnite Cog Tag locations

Daily Bugle Cog Tag

The Daily Bugle Cog Tag is outside, in between the two smaller buildings near the fishing spots. There’s a dumpster hiding place at one end, so you’ll know you’re on the right track if you see that.

The Temple Cog Tag

The Temple is near the Daily Bugle, so it’s a good spot to hit next (or first, depending on where you drop). This one’s easy to find, as it’s shining in plain view near one of the staircases.

Sanctuary Cog Tag

West of the Sanctuary marker is a swampy area with some huts. You’ll find this Cog Tag at the base of one of the large trees nearby.

The next cluster of Cog Tags is near Shifty Shafts, but those are more difficult to find thanks to the area’s multi-level layout. If you can swing it with these, just do that.

Finding Cog Tags is just one of the new quests you might run across in Fortnite Chapter 3. Grab the Device while you’re at the Sanctuary, then take a detour to the Nutcracker House to nab some loot therein. You might even get lucky and find some good weapons to help you claim a Victory Crown.

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