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Fortnite: where to find carnival clown boards - all locations

Eagle-eyed players will have noticed a new mini-game has cropped up on the Fornite map.

One of the Fortnite Season 6 Week 8 Challenges asks players to score points on various Whack A Balloon games.

A variation of Whack A Mole, these Whack A Balloon boards can be found in various spots across the island - they have a similar score board to the clay pigeon shooters.

To activate the game, just stand close to it and press square for it to begin. You then have to swing your axe to pop the balloons. Or you could shoot your gun if that's your thing.

Here's a map of all the Whack A Balloon locations for you to find. Now you've done those, have you danced with fish trophies in different named locations?

Whack A Balloon Locations

  • Lonely Lodge: This is to the southwest of Lonely Lodge, directly below the hill. Grid reference I5.
  • Paradise Palms: To the northwest of Paradise Palms you'll find this between the small pool and the broken bridge. Grid reference H7.
  • Pleasant Park: This is the easiest to pin down. To the west of the NFL pitch in Pleasant Park. Grid reference C4.
  • Junk Junction: To the west of Junk Junction is a little building with an RV outside. You'll find it here. Grid reference C2.
  • Flush Factory: To the southeast of Flush Factory, almost on the very edge of the island, you'll find this Whack A Balloon beneath a tree. Grid reference F10.

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