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Final Fantasy 7 Remake surprise releasing on Steam later today

After six months of exclusivity on EGS, FF7 Remake finally heads to Steam.

After a period of time as an Epic Games Store exclusive, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is now finally coming to Steam - and it’s in about eight hours (as of 11pm, Thursday, UK time).

Square Enix revealed the expansion of the PC version’s release today as part of a live stream celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original Final Fantasy 7. It will also work on Steam Deck, said a very excited Yoshinori Kitase on a dedicated Final Fantasy 7 stream.

Fans have been waiting for the PC version to hit Steam since last December, when it arrived on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

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The version released on PC is the 'complete' edition of the game, meaning it comes with both the core FF7 Remake game, and the 'Intergrade' add-on that first released as an exclusive piece of the game's PS5 release. FF7 Remake itself retells a chunk of the original FF7's story with a few intriguing twists, while Intergrade is an all-new chapter that fills in the backstory of beloved character Yuffie.

The PC version of the game is solid enough, but on EGS was lacking in options and PC features - and also featured a nasty stuttering problem on certain hardware configurations. Square hasn’t been great about patching the game, but fans have been all over it - I recommend FF7R’s ModDB page, which has texture and performance upgrade mods in between all the obligatory ‘sexy outfit’ mods. Even without the mods, the game is great - it’s just a slightly disappointing PC port.

FF7 Remake can be grabbed on Steam at the link. Also announced at the event was Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 – or Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (which is coming next year) and a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 remaster for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch - it’s been a banner day for Final Fantasy 7 fans!

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