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FIFA 22: Best Midfielders, CAMs, CDMs, and CMs to sign in Career Mode

Win the midfield battle

While the midfield can sometimes feel like it's missing from FIFA 22, that makes it all the more important to have gifted attacking and defensive midfielders at your desposal at both ends of the pitch.

Easily the two most iconic positions in football are the midfield general and inspirational number 10. There's so much diversity in the middle of the pitch that it can be tough to find the right balance, so here are the best CAMs, CDMs, and CMs in FIFA 22.

A good defensive midfielder is a vital part of your back line, shielding less mobile defenders and setting up counterattacks.

While at the other end of the park, the best attacking midfielders exploit the spaces left by an opponent's formation, pulling the opposition into difficult areas to create chances for their teammates.

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First up, we'll take a look at the highest rated midfielders in FIFA 22, exceptional talents that pull the strings from the first whistle to the last.

Then we'll list some of the highest potential younger players in all central midfield positions, before moving onto a few suggestions of great signings to make in your first season of Career Mode.

But first, here are some of the most fun CAMs and CDMs we've found since FIFA 22's release.

If you're looking for wide players, we've grouped our wingers with the forwards in our page for the Best Strikers in FIFA 22.

Best FIFA 22 Midfielders we've found since release

  • Hamed Traore - CAM/CM - Sassuolo - £17m Value - 21 - One of many great young players tearing up trees for a decent Sassuolo side in Serie A, Hamed Traore is a versatile midfield player who recently had his movement stats considerably buffed. While his Power, Defending, and some of his technical stats could use some work, they're sure to shoot up with his shiny new 87 starting potential.
  • Jesus Ferreira - CAM/CF/ST - FC Dallas - £6.5m Value - 20 - An amazing deal from MLS combining great movement stats, stamina and starting potential. In real life, if it wasn't clear from his 2 star skill moves on a CAM, Jesus Ferreira is more athletic rather than flashy. But there's plenty of room to grow his average dribbling and passing with 83 potential.
  • Aurelien Tchouameni - CDM/CM - AS Monaco - £52m Value - 21 - The value of this breakout French star keeps going up and up, alongside his potential. With a starting overall above 80 at just 21, and a potential beginning at 88 when you start a save, prioritise training his Movement stats to supplement the 80+s he already has in tons of key stats.
  • Jacob Ramsey - CM/CAM- Aston Villa - £5m Value - 20 - We all know about Jude Bellingham, but Villa's Jacob Ramsey is quickly growing into one of the hottest prospects in English football. With a recently buffed starting potential of 88, and a frankly ridiculous value, he's looking more and more like a tantilising prospect for a wide variety of team in FIFA 22 Career Mode. Update: Ramsey has had his overall and value buffed to the point where he's not as great value nowadays. Maybe consider a player whose potential has gone the other way, Xavi Simons, who is very cheap now.
  • Carney Chukwuemeka - CAM/CM- Aston Villa - £2m Value - 17 - Meanwhile, Aston Villa also have another future midfield star on their books. Despite having awful starting stats - with a paltry 48 stamina a particular lowlight - Carney Chukwuemeka has a sky-high starting potential of 87, making him a real attention-demanding opportunity for road-to-glory saves over multiple seasons.
  • Khephren Thuram & Hicham Boudaoui - CDM & CM - Nice - Both £11.5m Value - 20 & 21 - Nice have a pair of young, great all-round CMs on their bench, either of which would be a strong pickup for a lot of different teams. Khephren Thuram also has the added fun of being the son of French legend Lillian Thuram and brother of Marcus Thuram.
  • Davide Frattesi - CDM/ CM - Sassuolo - £12m Value - 21 - A great deep-lying playmaker with strong movement, passing, and stamina. You can't really go wrong now that his potential has been buffed to 84 as well.
  • Orkun Kokcu -CM/CAM - Feyenoord - £27.5m Value - 20 - A key part of Feyenoord's great run in the Europa Conference League, his strong starting overall of 78 and starting potential of 85 mean Orkun Kokcu could get minutes either from the start or off the bench for a massive range of teams. With swathes of stats between 70 and 80, he's a strong all-rounder.
  • Pedro Goncalves - CM/CAM - Sporting CP - £51.5m Value - 23 - It won’t be easy on the bank account, but if you want a ready-made wonderkid to slot into a top starting 11, then Pedro Goncalves has great potential with a high starting overall of 81. While his stats don’t lend themselves to being overpowered on FIFA right away, he seems very much in the Bernardo Silva, Man City-esque mould of nippy, highly technically gifted Winger/Midfielder hybrids. A realistic signing for one of the world’s richest clubs.
  • Alan Velasco - CAM - Independiente - £10m Value - 18 - If Thiago Alamada has been an awesome signing on FIFA for a few years now, then Alan Velasco is a very similar proposition to Almada a couple of seasons ago. A quick and technical player, Velasco at least has decent stamina and 4-star skills from the start. Update: Velasco has made the well-trodden trip from Argentina to MLS with FC Dallas. You'll have to wait to pick him up now.
  • Mohammed Kudus - CM/CAM - Ajax - £23m Value - 20 - Despite an unfortunate injury record in real life, Mohammed Kudus still has incredible stats across the board in FIFA, making him a quality signing and useful player for the first 11 of any team, despite his age.
  • Tino Anjorin - CAM/CM - Huddersfield - £1.5m Value - 19 - For a cheaper option still with 80 starting potential, take a look at Tino Anjorin in the Championship.

Best FIFA 22 Midfielders: Top CAMs, CDMs, and CMs by overall rating

These midfield superstars have been running the game for years, whether its with metronomic passing at the start of an attack or a killer ball at the sharp end.

The highest overall CAMs, CDMs and CMs can improve any team in FIFA 22, even if their absolute best years are behind them.

Highest Overall FIFA 22 Midfielders
Player Name Age Position Team Overall Potential
Kevin De Bruyne 30 CM, CAM Man City 91 91
N'Golo Kante 30 CDM, CM Chelsea 90 90
Joshua Kimmich 26 CDM Bayern 89 90
Casemiro 29 CDM Real Madrid 89 89
Bruno Fernandes 26 CAM Man Utd 88 89
Toni Kroos 31 CM Real Madrid 88 88
Frenkie de Jong 24 CM, CDM Barcelona 87 92
Paulo Dybala 27 CAM Juventus 87 88
Leon Goretzka 26 CM, CDM Bayern 87 88
Marco Verratti 28 CM, CAM PSG 87 87
Paul Pogba 28 CM Man Utd 87 87
Thomas Muller 31 CAM Bayern 87 87
Luka Modric 35 CM Real Madrid 87 87
Rodri 25 CDM Man City 86 89
Marcos Llorente 26 CM Atletico Madrid 86 89
Bernado Silva 26 CAM, CM Man City 86 87
Fabinho 27 CDM Liverpool 86 88
Parejo 32 CM Villarreal 86 86
Sergio Busquets 32 CDM, CM Barcelona 86 86
Thiago Alcantara 30 CM, CDM Liverpool 86 86
Wilfred Ndidi 24 CDM, CM Leicester 85 88
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic 26 CM, CAM, CDM Lazio 85 87
Jorginho 29 CM, CDM Chelsea 85 85
Koke 29 CM, CDM Atletico Madrid 85 85
Marco Reus 32 CAM Dortmund 85 85

Highest potential FIFA 22 Midfielders

There's an incredible amount of midfield talent flowing into football right now. Below is our list of the most promising young CAMs, CDMs, and CMs with the highest potential in FIFA 22.

Highest potential FIFA 22 CAMs, CDMs, and CMs
Player Name Age Position Team Overall Potential
Phil Foden 21 CAM, CM Man City 84 92
Kai Havertz 22 CAM, CM Chelsea 84 92
Frenkie de Jong 24 CM, CDM Barcelona 87 92
Pedri 18 CM Barcelona 81 91
Ryan Gravenberch 19 CM, CDM Ajax 78 90
Florian Wirtz 18 CAM, CM Leverkusen 78 89
Jude Bellingham 18 CM Dortmund 79 89
Eduardo Camavinga 18 CM, CDM Real Madrid 78 89
Federico Valverde 22 CM Real Madrid 83 89
Mason Mount 22 CAM, CM Chelsea 83 89
Nicolo Barella 24 CM Inter 84 89
Jamal Musiala 18 CM, CAM Bayern 76 88
Pedro Goncalves 23 CM Sporting 81 88
Takefusa Kubo 20 CM, CAM Mallorca (Real Madrid) 75 88
Carlos Soler 24 CM Valencia 81 88
Martin Odegaard 22 CAM, CM Arsenal 82 88
Nicolo Rovella 19 CM, CDM Genoa (Juventus) 70 87
Harvey Elliott 18 CM Liverpool 73 87
Gio Reyna 18 CAM Dortmund 77 87
Dani Olmo 23 CAM RB Leipzig 82 87
Nicolo Zaniolo 21 CAM Roma 78 87
Dominik Szoboszlai 20 CAM RB Leipzig 77 87
Declan Rice 22 CDM, CM West Ham 82 87
Manuel Locatelli 23 CDM, CM Juventus 82 87
Youri Tielemans 24 CM, CDM Leicester City 84 87

Best FIFA 22 Midfielders: great CAMs, CDMs, and CMs to sign in the first season

When you need to bolster your midfield, you need to do it fast. Below is a run-down of some of the most fun CAMs, CDMs, and CMs you can sign in the first season of Career Mode.

  • Denis Zakaria - CM/CDM - Borussia Monchengladbach - £30.5m Value - 24 - An expensive option despite his downgrade for FIFA 22, Denis Zakaria has incredible stats across the board, combining 80 pace, stamina, strength, passing and defending with a nearly 6ft 3” frame. Capable of putting the brakes on even the best attackers, you can mould Zakaria further thanks to his 86 starting potential.
  • Nicolas De la Cruz - CM/CAM - River Plate - £22m Value - 24 - Another pricey signing, but worth every penny, train Nicolas De la Cruz’s defending and you have an excellent N’golo Kante-style midfielder on your hands. With key stats ranging from 74 standing tackle at the bottom end to 93 stamina at the top, he’s a top quality addition to any midfield in world football.
  • Renato Sanches - CM - Lille - £33m Value - 23 - After some years in the footballing wilderness, Renato Sanches has returned to the spotlight boasting incredible stats everywhere you could want them. Mobile enough to turn defence into attack with ease, he has both the Engine trait and 4 star skills.
  • Alexis Claude-Maurice - CM/CAM - Nice - £16.5m Value - 23 - For a slightly cheaper option who’s a little more under the radar, Alexis Claude-Maurice is similar to the previous midfielders listed, but in-between them - slightly slower than De la Cruz, but stronger, not as powerful as Zakaria, but nippier. Train his defensive skills and stamina with his +6 starting potential growth and you’ll have a great all-rounder. Update: Unfortunately, since release Claude-Maurice's main position has been changed to CM and his overall and potential was nerfed into the ground. If you're working with an older save, still pick him up, but look elsewhere if you're starting fresh.
  • Jens-lys Cajuste - CDM/CM - FC Midtjylland - £5m Value - 21 - With +10 starting potential growth and loads of key stats on the cusp on greatness, Jens-lys Cajuste is a solid Road to Glory signing for a lot of mid-tier clubs. With strength, stamina, passing, dribbling and pace all around or approaching 80, he has the aptitude to turn into a complete midfielder.
  • Lewis Ferguson - CM/CDM - Aberdeen - £4.2m Value - 21 - Another quality Road to Glory option, Lewis Ferguson starts with over 90 stamina and has +11 starting potential growth to round out his other stats. At just 21 he has the qualities to run your midfield for years to come.
  • Fabio Carvalho - CAM - Fulham - £2.6m Value - 18 - Who doesn’t like the combination of high potential ceiling and a cheap fee? While his starting stats aren’t great, Fabio Carvalho has 86 starting potential to hopefully improve them quickly.
  • Kacper Kozlowski - CAM/CM - Pogon Szczecin - £3m Value - 17 - If you’re working with a smaller budget, but still want a good allrounder in the middle of the park, Kacper Kozlowski has bags of potential and a lot of key stats around 70.
  • Samuele Ricci - CM/CDM - Empoli - £2.6m Value - 19 - For a touch of Italian flair in the centre of midfield on a modest budget, Samuele Ricci has mid 70s passing and stamina to try and control the game. Plus, despite his cheaper fee, he also has 84 starting potential.

With your midfield on lock, turn your attention to the offense with our list of the best strikers in FIFA 22.

Or complete your defensive line with the highest rated defenders in FIFA 22, and the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22.

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