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FIFA season starts early as May's PS Plus line-up is leaked

It looks like PlayStation Plus members are in for a bit of underwhelming month.

Right on schedule, the line-up for May's free PlayStation Plus games has leaked. This has been a common occurrence for the last several months, and the information this time comes from the same reliable source.

According to French deals site Dealabs, PlayStation Plus members are getting three games as part of their subscription next month. The list is made up of FIFA 22 for PS4 and PS5, Tribes of Midgard for PS4 and PS5, and Curse of the Dead Gods on PS4 (though playable on PS5).

FIFA 22 doesn't need an introduction, and is evidently the highest profile game out of all three. EA's sports games, however, release annually, and we're likely a few weeks away from the reveal of FIFA 23 (which won't actually be called that), so it's not the best value.

Tribes of Midgard is a solid co-op survival game that made waves when it came out last year, though many lamented its buggy launch. It has improved dramatically since, however, and the game's developer is gearing up to drop new content, so now may just be a good time to jump in.

Curse of the Dead Gods is another solid, albeit low-profile addition. This is a rogue-lite, top-down action RPG with exciting action, new take on in and out-of-level progression and an aesthetic that's easy on the eye.

I spent many hours with it when it dropped into Steam Early Access back in 2020, and was particularly enamoured with its combat and unique progression mechanics.

We're expecting Sony to officially announce May's PlayStation Plus line-up tomorrow, or by the end of this week at the latest. Judging by the source's track record, however, it's safe to assume those are the games we're going to be getting.

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