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Far Cry Primal devs enlisted the help of linguistic professors to develop the game's language

The team behind Far Cry Primal went the extra mile to create an artistic and semi-authentic version of fictional mesolithic inhabitants of Oros.

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Not only did the team research various locations, but it enlisted the help of language and linguistic professors at the University of Kentucky to re-create the Proto-Indo-European language prevalent throughout the game.

Both tribes speak the language, but one uses a more advanced version.

Ubisoft Montreal said its goal with Far Cry series is always to create an enjoyable game in which players learn something about history in the process.

A new trailer was released for the game yesterday, and it delved more into the main character Takkar as well as introduced others which will be encountered.

Far Cry Primal is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on February 23 and arrives on PC March 1.

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