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Far Cry Primal adds permadeath, 4K textures on PC next month

Far Cry Primal players on all platforms will be able to download the new Survival Mode as part of a free patch coming in April. And, PC players care getting 4K textures with the patch.


According to the Far Cry Primal developer post on the Ubisoft Blog, the mode adds permadeath, which means it's game over the first time you die - unless you're doing a Vision mission. Because they aren't "real," ya know.

Players will be given a second-chance option though, which provides one backup life. It can be replenished by reaching certain completion points.

The combo of Survivor and permadeath will be available at any difficulty level, so players can try the new Survival mode or ramp things up with permadeath at will.

A stamina gauge has been added to the mode. As it runs out, the player will become "slower and weaker" and force the player to sleep in order to replenish.

The minimap is turned off by default and the fog of war has been strengthened, so less of the map will be revealed as the player explores. Humans and animals will be encountered less often, so hunting will take little more patience. Fast travel will also consume stamina and food.

Takkar will o longer be able to "rain remote-control death on foes" by using his owl, and ammo crafting is no longer instantaneous. It will take a few seconds instead. He’s more susceptible to cold and more dependent on fire. Because of this, players will need to make crafting cold-weather gear "a top priority."

There's good news though, the duration of the player's Hunter Vision has been increased. This will help the player out as as the nights are now "longer, darker and deadlier."

Tamable beasts are less powerful, and creatures such as the sabretooth or bears can't be tamed as easily as before. Instead, the player will have to fight them until they reach half-life before baiting and taming. Also, once an animal perishes, it won't come back.

Animal companions can be saved before death, but they are no longer enemy fodder which can be brought back. This is especially true of Primal’s legendary beasts such as the Bloodfang Sabretooth. Once it's lost, the player is out of luck. They'll have to go tame something more common as a replacement.

The update comes with new Ubisoft Club challenges, as adding PlayStation Trophies or Xbox Live Achievements to a free update isn't feasible, according to the developers. Those who complete the game in Survival mode will be also be handed a special reward.

Far Cry Primal's Survivor mode will be available as a free patch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 12, and the PC patch will also add 4K textures to the game.

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