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Forgot to take a day off to play Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree? It's ok, here's a fresh trailer to watch at lunch

Don't worry, we need some people to keep on running the world and Miquella'll wait.

An enemy with its arms folded in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.
Image credit: FromSoftware

Wake up, Elden Ring's Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is arriving either today, June 20, or early on June 21, depending on where you live and which platform you're on. In order to commemorate us having reached this point, FromSoft's done what all developers do when they want to send hype into overdrive - release a final trailer.

Yup, because that's what we all needed for a DLC that's already take the metascore crown among both games released in 2024 and DLCs released, well, ever. On the plus side, if you've forgotten or haven't been able to book in any time off to let you delve right in without worrying about keeping your sleep schedule intact, it is something to watch on your lunch break as you count down the hours until you can head home and get started.

The launch trailer, which you can watch below, is just over three minuites long, meaning that if you get an hour for lunch and have a sandwich right next to your moutch the moment that time begins, you could probably watch it something in the region of 18 times back-to-back before you're back on the clock. That's rough maths, and rather naively assumes you don't run into any YouTube adverts, but you get the gist.

What'll you be seeing in it, you ask? We'll there are some different shots of creatures we've seen in previous trailer, such as the giant brazier guy who recently visited Big Ben and the blue worm fellow everyone fell in love with, plus plenty of boss battles that look like they'll have you gnawing your own face off in frustration and fear. There's some nice orchestral music in the background too, as various voices wax lyrical about The Tarnished, the Erdtree, consorts and redemption.

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So, there you go. If you're wondering when the DLC will arrive for you, Fromsoftware's shared a healpful release time graphic showing the exact times it comes out on PC and console across the world. For a lot of PC folks, later today is the answer, with 11pm BST being the time in the UK, while 3PM PT, 6PM ET, and 12AM CEST are the PC times for the US and Europe.

On console, unless you're on US Pacific Time or Central Daylight Time, you're looking at midnight local time - so right as June 21 begins. So yeah, maybe you'll need that trailer if you've not booked today or tomorrow off and don't fancy ruining you sleep schedule by staying up all night. Also, if you looking foir details on the big patch that's dropping ahead of the DLC's arrival, there's a rundown of the details here.


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