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How do you "seek three wise beasts" at Oridys's Rise and in Liurnia in Elden Ring?

Not so wise anymore!

Elden Ring can be esoteric at the best of times, but when a glowing lectern tells you to “seek three wise beasts”, there’s no shame in scratching your head at the puzzle.

Oridys’s Rise is found in the south of the Lands Between, on the Weeping Peninsula, near Castle Morne.

Then, later in your adventure, you come across another mysterious tower in Liurnia with the same puzzle.

Here’s what you need to do to open both spectral doors.

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How do I “seek three wise beasts” at Oridys’s Rise in Elden Ring?

First off, if you haven’t already, read the lectern next to the stairs leading up to Oridys’s Rise. It gives you nothing but the cryptic clue, “seek three wise beasts.

The wise beasts in question are sectral tortoises found in the vicinity of the tower and, as you might have guessed, there are three to find.

You can spot the first venerable old tortoise on the path behind you, near the lectern. Whack it with your weapon to make it disappear.

Next, the second wise beast is hidden in the bushes a little way behind the lectern. Again, hit it with a weapon to continue.

Finally, the last tortoise is found in the shallow pond to the southwest of the tower. It’s invisible, but whack the spot where it’s standing and it will reveal itself and disappear soon after.

With that, return to the steps of Oridys’s Rise and head inside.

Climb the ladder, and at the top try to contain your excitement as you approach the gleaming treasure chest in the study.

Inside the chest you find a Memory Stone, a Key Item which increases the amount of Memory Slots your character has.

Without even having to equip it, the Memory Stone grants you an extra slot for memorising spells and incantations - a vital item if you’re a more magically inclined character.

How do you "seek three wise beasts" in Liurnia?

At Sorcerer's Isle in the northwest of the shallow lake in Liurnia, you're tasked with the same puzzle as before: Seek Three Wise Beasts.

The first two are relatively simple to locate, but the last tortoise can be tricky.

First off, from the lectern, go over to your right and look off the edge of the cliff. You find the first wise beast down here.

Next, return to the lectern but this time head over to the left. The second wise beast is wandering across the rocks near the edge.

Finally, from the second location, turn around and look up into the trees. The final tortoise is half way up the back of one of the trees, and you need to ping it with an arrow or spell to open the sealed door.

With that you can claim another memory slot to enhance your character.

For more on the many secrets of The Lands Between, take a look at our Elden Ring Guide.

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