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How to complete Nepheli Loux's quest in Elden Ring

You have my axe.

Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing Nepheli Loux's quest.

The Elden Ring Nepheli quest finally has an ending, though it's still one of the more vague and difficult ones to complete. Several of its key points seem entirely unconnected to the questline’s main focus and involve finding items and talking to people at the right time, totally unprompted.

Nepheli's destiny only unfolds once you near the end of your journey, though while she becomes the ruler of Limgrave, it's not actually tied to any of the game's endings.

How to start Nepheli’s quest in Elden Ring

Nepheli’s quest begins in Stormveil Castle. Speak with her in the room just before the Secluded Cell Site of Grace to learn about her mission. You can – and should – also summon her to help during the fight against Godrick by interacting with the gold summon sign outside the fog door. She’s a tremendous help, though it won’t affect how her quest unfolds if you go in solo.

Speak with Nepheli in the hallway outside the Twin Husk Maidens’ room in Roundtable Hold after the battle. That’s all you can do for now. If she doesn't appear and you have defeated Godrick, you will need to speak to Gideon Ofnir in Roundtable Hold first and then reload from a Site of Grace.

The next step involves moving forward in Seluvis’ quest, which you can only start after reaching the Three Sisters – the area outside Caria Manor that is unlocked after you defeat Royal Knight Loretta.

Speak with Ranni in Ranni's Rise here, then follow Seluvis’ advice and visit him in his tower. You have a few options of what to do with the potion he gives you. The quickest option is just giving it to Gideon to dispose of and moving on. Seluvis will simply assume the potion did not work if you did this.

There are alternative options for using the potion though, including giving it to the Loathesome Dungeater. You can read more about this in Seluvis' quest guide linked above. Either way, do not give the potion to Nepheli as it will kill her.

Where is Nepheli in Elden Ring?

Up next, travel to the Village of Albinaurics Site of Grace. Head away from the shack and under the bridge, and you’ll find Nepheli sitting there, reflecting on what happened to the residents.

If you happen to speak with Melina at the Forge of the Giants before venturing to meet with Nepheli at the Village of the Albinaurics, her quest will be locked off. Make sure to meet Nepheli here and defeat the Omenkiller boss before resting and speaking with Melina at the Forge of the Giants.

Go back up the hill, cross the bridge, and defeat the Omenkiller field boss (you can summon Nepheli to aid you with this, too). Horseback is recommended for this fight, since it covers a lot of ground with its double cleaver attacks.

While you’re in Liurnia, head to the Four Belfries in the western part of the map. Grab the Imbued Sword Key from the chest at the top of the hill, and use it on the portal near the scripted message that mentions “anticipation.” It’s the portal closest to the Site of Grace at the top of the hill.

This transports you to the Chapel of Anticipation, the game’s starting area where the Grafted Scion (probably) killed you. Defeat it (which should be easily done by now), then go back towards the chapel where you first spawned. Instead of going inside, head right and up the stairs. You’ll find the Stormhawk King Ashes on a corpse there.

Go back to Roundtable Hold next, and head downstairs past Hewg, near where the Stonesword Key fog gate was (or is, if you haven’t opened it yet). Nepheli had a falling out with Gideon and feels lost now.

Speak with Gideon about Nepheli, and after exhausting that line of conversation, speak with Nepheli again. If Roderika is at the point where she offers spirit tuning, you should be able to give Nepheli the Stormhawk King Ashes. Reload the area and speak with Nepheli again if the option isn’t available.

What to do if Nepheli's quest is not progressing

The last phase of Nepheli’s quest ties in with Kenneth Haight’s from Fort Haight in Limgrave, and you must have defeated Morgott in Leyndell as well at this point.

Finish Kenneth’s quest, which just involves talking to him and clearing out Fort Haight. Then, speak with Nepheli again, speak with Kenneth again, and teleport to the Godrick Site of Grace at the end of Stormveil Castle. Rest there, then go into the throne room. This is the area north of where you fought Godrick.

You’ll find Nepheli, Gostoc (assuming he’s alive), and Kenneth. Kenneth appoints Nepheli as ruler of Limgrave, and you will get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone for your troubles. You will still be able to do this even if Gostoc or Kenneth are dead.

You can then summon Nepheli during your fight against Godfrey, First Elden Lord.

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