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Elden Ring Morne Tunnel Guide: How to Beat the Scaly Misbegotten

If you can beat this Scaly Misbegotten, Leonine will be a breeze.

As you go about The Lands Between felling foes left, right, and centre, you're going to want to upgrade your weapon as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are a few tunnels across Elden Ring packed with smithing materials for you to loot and use, provided you can take on their aggressive inhabitants.

Similarly to Limgrave Tunnels, Morne Tunnel is a great place to start when it comes to finding Smithing Stones. Each tunnel contains a bunch of materials for early-game upgrades, and they can act as a good test of strength too. Morne Tunnel isn't too far from Castle Morne, where players must face Leonine Misbegotten to complete Irina's questline, and acts as the perfect way to prepare yourself for that fight.

Without further ado, we explain how to make your way through Morne Tunnel, grab all the loot it has to offer, and how to beat the Scaly Misbegotten dungeon boss.

Morne Tunnel Items

  • Exalted Flesh
  • Golden Runes
  • Smithing Stones
  • Somber Smithing Stones
  • Stanching Boluses
  • Soft Cotton
  • Rusted Anchor

How to make your way through Morne Tunnel

Morne Tunnel can be found in Weeping Peninsula. You can travel here from Earthbore Cave by going southwest through the forests until you reach the cliffside under the bridge.

The entrance to Morne Tunnel is past a lake of toxic flowers in Weeping Peninsula.

Once you enter the tunnel, rather than taking the elevator, jump down onto the platform to your left. Up ahead, you can grab a Smithing Stone before continuing to platform along the rocks to your left until you reach the bottom.

To grab all the loot in Elden Ring's Morne Tunnel, players must platform around the back of the elevator.

Grab the Grace, and continue on until you reach a room of Misbegottens and wooden bridges. Take the stairs ahead, and then jump across to take the ladder. This will take you to another Smithing Stone, and a miner.

Up this ladder in Morne Tunnel is a Smithing Stone (1).

Go back down the ladder. While facing away from it, jump over to the bridge in front of you and head through the tunnel to your left.

You'll reach another room full of Misbegottens and miners, and down the first set of stairs is a corpse with a Golden Rune.

This room in Morne Tunnel is full of Smithing Stones, but also many of Elden Ring's miner and misbegotten enemies.

If you then go underneath the stairs, you can loot another corpse of Stanching Boluses. While here, don't forget to collect all the Smithing Stones you can from the walls around you as you clear out the miners.

Make your way through the tunnel at the bottom of the stairs. You'll soon reach a room with a wooden hut. Inside of the hut is another miner sat in the corner, a corpse, and a chest. The chest inside of the hut contains Exalted Flesh and the corpse holds another Golden Rune.

This hut in Limgrave Tunnel has some more loot inside, but be wary of the nearby miners.

Behind the hut you can also loot some Glintstone Scrap from a corpse, and Somber Smithing Stone (1). Then, return to the room with the stairs.

At the very back of the room and underneath the stairs is the next tunnel you need to go down. When you come to the next large opening, go left to loot the corpse of Soft Cotton. In the main room again, continue along the next tunnel at the opposite side of the room.

This corpse can be looted of Soft Cotton in Elden Ring. To face the Limgrave Tunnel boss, go into the tunnel opposite this area.

You'll arrive at a final room now, with a wooden gate in front of you. On the right of the room, you can grab one last Somber Smithing Stone (1). Then, when you think you're finally ready, open the gate to begin your fight with dungeon boss, a Scaly Misbegotten.

How to beat the Scaly Misbegotten of Morne Tunnel

If you're running an Intelligence build, you'll have already learned that Misbegottens are rather weak to magic damage. With an upgraded staff, it's relatively easy to chip away at the various Misbegottens around Morne Tunnel, and the same can be said for the dungeon boss, a Scaly Misbegotten.

This gate in Morne Tunnel leads to the Scaly Misbegotten dungeon boss of Elden Ring.

The difference between the boss and the foes you might've seen around the tunnels is not much. The boss is slightly bigger, with a larger axe than most, but they likely won't feel new by this point. Felling the Scaly Misbegotten is, frankly, a walk in the park for most provided you do not get caught up in their attacks. One mistimed dodge or other simple mistake can cost you your life during this fight, as the Scaly Misbegotten is capable of dealing devastating damage during a single string of attacks.

As a magic user, this fight is easy. Using ranged spells, you can deplete the Scaly Misbegotten's health bar with ease. Using a fast attack with mid-long range, such as the Glintstone Shard or Glintstone Pebble, means you can pepper away at the Misbegotten while still running circles around the room. Doing this, you'll be able to deal significant damage to the enemy without them getting too close to you. Keep an eye on your stamina, however.

As a melee user, think of the attack patterns of other Misbegotten foes, as the Scaly Misbegottens attacks are largely more of the same. You'll need to prepare to dodge their swings, their lunge attacks, and the occasional slam attacks they perform with their axe. Whenever the Misbegotten performs an attack, your best bet is to then go in for an attack of your own before they wind their axe up for the next attack. Remember to land a few hits and retreat to safety once more before they attack again, as you don't want to get caught up in any of their blows.

As with any boss fight, if you find yourself in a pinch, use your Spirit Summons. With the Scaly Misbegottens attacks focused on your summons, you'll be able to attack them from behind in quick succession. With any luck, you'll be able to fell the Scaly Misbegotten this way in just a few moments.

Once you finally defeat the Scaly Misbegotten of Morne Tunnel, they'll drop the Rusted Anchor. This item is a Strength weapon with its own unique skill, Barbaric Roar.

If you're in need of more smithing materials, even after facing Morne Tunnel, check out Sellia Crystal Tunnel and Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel for something a little more challenging. Be prepared to take on sorcerers and mages! Otherwise, we also have a comprehensive Elden Ring walkthrough to take a loot at.

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