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Elden Ring Irina quest and how to deliver the Castle Morne letter

You deliver letters. We feed Maiden candidates eyeballs. We are not the same.

Irina’s quest in Elden Ring is a short one, but once you've delivered Irina's letter, you'll eventually stumble onto another quest, one that takes you far beneath the earth and unlocks an alternate ending.

After traveling to Liurnia to face her father, you'll wind up with a second Finger Maiden and, eventually, an audience with the Three Fingers of Frenzied Flame. Note some spoilers follow for how a few NPC plots unfold.

Castle Morne Letter - How to start Irina’s quest in Elden Ring

Irina is sitting by the road just south of the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace. This is the one you first encounter as you cross onto The Weeping Peninsula. Speak with her, and agree to take the letter to Edgar in Castle Morne. Depending on your current level and loadout, you may want to do this later. Castle Morne’s enemies have an easy time wearing defenses down, even more so when they gang up on you (which they frequently do).

After exiting the castle lift, sneak around the burning rubble pile and dispatch the rotting dogs as you go. Unless you attack the Misbegotten – the “menials” Irina speaks of – around the bonfire, they won’t notice you. Sneak to the far end of the area, avoid the Mad Pumpkin Head, turn right, and climb the ladder.

Two flying Misbegotten and a walking one bar your path. If you have bows or ranged magic, use those to deal with the flying Misbegotten. If not, get close and use a jump attack to ground them.

At the other end of the walkway, turn left and jump down onto the scaffolding. You can deal with the mob of fighting soldiers and Misbegotten or just dash through them. Either way, turn right at the end of the ramparts, climb the stairs, and you’ll see Edgar sitting down further up.

Speak with Edgar twice to get the option of handing the letter over. He won’t leave until you defeat the Castle Morne boss, Leonine. Once you’ve done that, travel back to Irina. She’s been murdered, and Edgar vows revenge. Irina’s quest ends here, but you can pick up Edgar’s quest next.

How to find Irina's father in Elden Ring

Travel to the Revenger’s Shack in western Liurnia, where you’ll encounter Edgar the Revenger, an invading NPC. Defeat him to obtain a halberd and a Shabiri Grape. Give the grape to Hyetta near the Church of Irith to start her quest, a lengthy one that ties in with your decisions if you follow the game's Chaos route, where Hyetta replaces Melina as your Maiden.

Normally, you’re left Maidenless if you meet with the Three Fingers and don't help Hyetta, though it doesn't seem like completing Hyetta's quest makes much difference outside of giving you some extra lore.

Hyetta wanders around Liurnia and has a request each time:

  1. Church of Irith - Shabiri Grape
  2. Purified Ruins - Shabiri Grape
  3. Gate Town Bridge - Shabiri Grape
  4. Bellum Church - Fingerprint Grape (enemy drop near the Church of Inhibition)

You’ll next encounter her in Leyndell near the Frenzied Flame Proscription. If you accept the Three Fingers’ flame, Melina leaves, and Hyetta will assume the role of your guide.

If you need more help in The Lands Between, check out our comprehensive Elden Ring guide, including the best starting class - and how to respec, if you didn't get it right the first time.

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