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Elden Ring Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Guide: How to Beat the Crystalian

Crystalians and Crystal Tunnels seem to really go hand in hand.

Whether you're looking for smithing materials or trying to collect all Bell Bearings in Elden Ring, the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel has both tucked away inside of it. However, it also hides away a boss fight with a Crystalian which can be rather challenging.

The tunnels host plenty of materials that are worth picking up, and it isn't too precarious to get around either. It's the Crystalian that will prove to be the real challenge of this dungeon, but they're worth it for their drop!

We've got you covered, though, and in this guide we've explained how to go about grabbing everything Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel has to offer, and how to beat the Crystalian.

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Items

  • Cracked Crystal Glintstone
  • Smithing Stones
  • Somber Smithing Stones
  • Crystal Knife
  • Shattered Earth
  • Golden Rune
  • Smithing Stone Miner's Bell Bearing (1)

How to make your way through Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel

Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel can be accessed from the East Raya Lucaria Gate Site of Grace. Head slightly northeast of the Grace until you reach the cliffs edge. Along the cliff, you should be able to see various platforms down, and a Walking Mausoleum up ahead; platform along these and to the bottom.

A Walking Mausoleum towers over the entrance to Raya Lucaria Crystal Cave in Elden Ring.

At the bottom, travel left towards the cave. To avoid all the enemies wandering around the Walking Mausoleum, I recommend sticking to the cliffside and following it round until you reach the entrance to the cave.

Once inside the cave, take the elevator down and collect the Site of Grace. Throughout your entire time in the tunnels, keep an eye out for Smithing Stones along the walls, or where miners are located. You'll find these in abundance.

In the first room, head left and clear out the miners. Then, collect the Somber Smithing Stone (2) from the chest.

Turn around so that you're facing away from the chest and continue forward. There's more miners to take care of, and a long beam that you'll need to carefully walk across.

The Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel has many beams and hidden alcoves.

Platform along until you reach the corpse. You can loot Smithing Stone (3) and Somber Smithing Stone (3). Turn back and head into the room right of where you entered from. There's more miners here.

Go down the stairs, taking care of the enemies, and take the elevator down to the next level of the tunnels.

In this room of the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel, don't forget to loot the Smithing Stones and Cracked Crystals under the stairs.

In the next room, there are more miners and Cracked Crystals. In the far left corner, there is an elevator that will take you back up to one of the higher levels of the tunnels; we don't want to use this yet.

Walk across the beam ahead and into the room directly in front of you. In the small room to the right is a Skeletia Marionette and more Smithing Stones.

Ah, another Elden Ring beam to traverse.
The route to the boss room in Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel is guarded by Marionettes.

Continue onwards and more Skeletia Marionettes will drop down. There will then be another room to the right with more enemies, and a chest containing a Crystal Knife.

Clear out these enemies and continue ahead to face more miners. Go down the stairs and deal with them, and in the small tunnel to the left of the room is a corpse that you can loot for the Shattered Earth spell.

After this, go through the doorway at the bottome of the stairs. Then, go down the next elevator to meet with the yellow mist that will lead you to the boss fight with the Crystalian.

How to beat the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Crystalian

In this fight, you'll have to fight with one Crystalian that wields a spinning disc as their weapon of choice. In the Academy Crystal Cave - also in Liurnia of the Lakes - you'll have to face off with two Crystalians at once that wield a staff and a spear. So, if you have trouble with this fight, I hate to break it to you, but you're going to have to face two Crystalians at once at a later point, too.

The Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel boss room is similar to that of other crystal tunnels in Elden Ring.

Before diving into the fight, you should note that Crystalians have multiple absorptions. For example, if you're using spells, Crystalians will absorb 40% of the magic damage they receive. This is the same for Fire, Lightning, and Holy damage. In addition, they're completely immune to Bleed and Death. So, if you were planning on using any of those, you might have to change your plan.

Crystalians are primarily weak to Standard and Strike damage, and they can have their poise broken. In a fight where the enemy is resistant to so many forms of damage, it's vital that you break their poise so you can land critical hits. If you manage to avoid their attacks and do this a few times, they'll be felled in no time at all.

When it comes to attacks, the Crystalian will regularly and relentlessly sling their discs at you. These discs have good tracking and will lock onto you, so they will need to be dodged and you can't really run from them. They also perform a combo attack with their discs, which consists of multiple close-range slashes before a final sling of a disc. Watch out for this, avoid it, and you can attempt to go in for a critical hit immediately after.

As if spinning discs weren't enough, the Crystalian also has a move in which they aggressively spin themselves around. When they're doing this, they'll move around the arena and can be quite easily avoided just by keeping a distance. There's no use trying to attack the Crystalian while they perform this move.

Finally, if you're still struggling, your best bet is to summon one of your trusty Spirit Ashes to take the aggro for you. That's what they're there for, after all!

That's it for Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel! For more tunnelling, check out Sellia Crystal Tunnel, or for more Elden Ring in general, take a look at our walkthrough.

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