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How to turn into a tree, statue, and other objects with the Mimic's Veil in Elden Ring

Nice to tree-t you!

FromSoftware has never shied away from memes and this is sure to become one. The Mimic’s Veil in Elden Ring is a mysterious item which lets you spend a small amount of FP to temporarily transform yourself into a background object like a tree, statue, or box.

You can move around in your newfound form, but jumping will end the fun. Since you’re using up your precious FP, and you move at a snail’s pace while transformed, this item is just for messing around - but you’re going to have a great time doing it.

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How do you get the Mimic’s Veil in Elden Ring?

For such a silly item, there’s a lot of serious work involved with getting it.

First, you need to have taken down Margit, the Fell Omen to gain access to Stormveil Castle.

Next, take a left at the gate and take the side entrance up the exterior of the fortress.

Make your way through the area, eventually using the rusty key you find in the room with the storm-stomping knight to advance to the castle ramparts.

Either fight or run your way up, and in the tower you will find a Site of Grace, the Rampart Tower.

From here, slightly backtrack on yourself by going into the previous room and look to the left, there’s a lever you can pull here to call an elevator.

At the bottom, you come face-to-face with a difficult spider enemy, but run past them and up the stairs to the right.

Keep going to the right and you’ll enter an opulent room with another wandering knight enemy.

Immediately on your right is a treasure chest. Inside, you find the Mimic’s Veil.

You can either run past the enemies in the room to de-aggro them and sneak back in, or face up to them the old fashioned way.

Whatever your choice, you can then don the Mimic’s Veil whenever you like and taunt your friends because they can’t turn into an awesome tree like you can.

For more on the items you can find stashed around the world, here’s our Elden Ring guide.

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