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Elden Ring Gowry and Millicent quest guide: How to get Unalloyed Gold Needle

Millicent is in need of your help.

Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing Gowry and Millicent's quests.

Across The Lands Between, so many of the characters you meet have their own tragic backstories to uncover and resolve, and Millicent's quest in Elden Ring is no different. Sage Gowry and Millicent are both NPCs you’ll likely run into in Caelid, and it’s clear they're in need of help.

While her quest is nowhere near as long or as tough as that of some of the bigger players in the overarching story, there are still a few bosses for you to take on and a bit of playing the messenger, as per usual. This quest will also take you up to the Haligtree medallion area, which is a late-game zone accessed via the Grand Lift of Rold, so be cautious of spoilers ahead.

How to start Millicent’s quest in Elden Ring

To start Millicent’s quest, you’ll first need to speak with Sage Gowry. As you might expect, he can be found in Gowry’s Shack, just south of Sellia, Town of Sorcery, and by one of those large dino-puppies you’ll have seen around Caelid. Don't kill the dog and walk past it; when angered, it can kill Gowry, which will put a stop to this questline very quickly.

Speak with Gowry, and he’ll tell you about Millicent being in need of help. However, he needs you to go and get the Unalloyed Gold Needle first.

How to get the Unalloyed Gold Needle in Elden Ring

Sage Gowry will inform you that you can get the Unalloyed Gold Needle from Commander O’Neil, in the swamps of Caelid. You can see the swamps on the map, visible by how dark they are compared to land.

Commander O’Neil will be to the right of the swamp, shown above, and you will be able to activate the Heart of Aeonia Site of Grace after beating him.

Commander O’Neil is rather easy to take down from a nearby branch with ranged or magic attacks. Sometimes, he’ll even get stuck at the base of a branch trying to reach you, so you can go whack him with melee attacks on occasion. Be careful of his summons and their arrows, though. Make sure to take the spirits out before focusing your attacks back on the commander, as they'll gang up on you otherwise.

Once he is felled, return to Sage Gowry. He’ll now ask that you go and give the needle to Millicent, who can be found in the Church of Plague, which is just north-east of Gowry’s Shack, up the cliff.

Head here, talk with Millicent, and give her the Unnalloyed Gold Needle when you’re presented with the option. She’ll now go all quiet after using it, and you’ll need to return to Gowry.

The next few steps are uncertain; after giving Millicent the Unalloyed Gold Needle, she should move on to Gowry's Shack. In our experience, however, she was not at Gowry's Shack when we returned there. We spoke to Gowry, returned to the Church of Plague to speak to Millicent again (who says she's going on a journey), and then returned to Gowry's Shack.

After this, Millicent was finally at Gowry's Shack. Speak to her here until her dialogue is exhausted.

How to get Valkyrie’s Prosthesis in Elden Ring

After this, Millicent's location changes to Altus Plateau. You'll find her just north of the Erdtree Gazing Hill Site of Grace, which is north of the Grand Lift of Dectus, though you can't do anything to advance her quest here.

You need to retrieve Valkyrie’s Prosthesis from The Shaded Castle in the very northern part of Atlus Plateau, east of Mt Gelmir.

The castle is mired in a poison swamp, with deadly zombie-like enemies who latch onto you and bite several times. It's best not to linger for any length of time here. The room with the Prosthesis (shown above) is guarded by a Cleanrot Knight, so you’ll either need to fight with them or run straight past and retrieve the item.

With Valkyrie’s Prosthesis in your possession, it’s time to go and find Millicent. Travel to the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Site of Grace and head north to find her in the place marked above.

Exhaust her dialogue and hand the item over. She’ll thank you and talk about how she now may be able to wield a sword and battle. Now, it's time to pay Windmill Village a visit.

What to do in Windmill Village for Millicent in Elden Ring

Windmill Village is marked above, but it’s noticeable as you get close by, primarily due to the windmills (obviously) and dancing maidens.

First, go about grabbing the Windmill Village Site of Grace and then progress to the peak of the village to find the Godskin Apostle boss. He gives a pretty tough fight where you’ll probably panic dodge a lot if you’re anything like me, but it’s rather easy to take him on at range or with magic.

Once defeated, he’ll drop the Scouring Black Flame spell and Godskin Peeler weapon. Activate the Windmill Heights Site of Grace and rest.

Millicent will now be at the village by the Site of Grace you just collected, and you can speak with her again. As per usual, exhaust her dialogue, and she will thank you for the prosthesis by offering her help to you in battle.

Where to find Millicent in Mountaintops of Giants in Elden Ring

You need to progress much further ahead in your journey before finding Millicent again. This time, she’s in the Mountaintop of Giants. You can access this area via the Grand Lift of Rold, which is a task in and of itself.

Specifically, she will be at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace, shown above. Speak with her again and she’ll tell you all about Malenia and a medallion needed to access Haligtree.

If you haven’t got the two halves of the Haligtree medallion just yet, we have a guide on how to get them here. We recommend grabbing them if you want to finish off Millicent’s quest, especially if you've met with the Three Fingers and don't want the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending.

After acquiring the medallion (or before), return to Gowry’s Shack in Caelid and exhaust all of his dialogue before meeting with Millicent again. He will tell you more about Millicent and Sellia.

Where to find Millicent in Haligtree in Elden Ring

This is where the medallion comes in handy, because you’re going to need to access the Haligtree area now. Go and hoist the secret Haligtree medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold (make sure you hoist the secret one), and then run through the hidden path here until you reach your first Site of Grace.

Next, you’ll have to make your way through the Consecrated Snowfield. Head north so that you can grab the map fragment for the area, but be cautious of the large spectral enemy who may try to swoop in on you halfway.

From where the map fragment is, continue heading north towards the buildings you can see in the distance. On the map above, I am located where the map fragment is, and my marker is where the buildings are. This is Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Head around the back of the buildings and up the large stairs, where the door at the top is sealed. You will need to complete the Ordina, Liturgical Town puzzle to open the sealed door.

With the seal of the town broken, you can now hop in the teleporter atop the stairs which will take you to Miquella’s Haligtree. Grab the Site of Grace here and traverse the tree branches, trying to generally go downwards. As per usual, be careful of the enemies here.

Make your way through the Haligtree downwards to the central platform that has the Haligtree Town Plaza Site of Grace on it - you can see this from the Haligree Town Grace.

Continue down along the top of the buildings, making sure you jump between them, so you don’t fall to your death. You’ll have to go past some scarlet rot skeletons and into a building, then outside again to the area with a stone pavilion with various wooden bridges around it.

Go straight past the structure (and the enemy sorcerer inside it) and along the second bridge to your left; this will take you to the boss arena of Loretta, Royal Knight of Haligtree.

Also note that the first bridge to your left has a lift which will take you to and from the Haligtree Town Site of Grace, so you don’t need to repeat your initial treacherous journey to her arena repeatedly.

Once felled, you can grab the Haligtree Promenade Site of Grace. Continue on, hop down the big ladder that you’ll come to. The path to the next Site of Grace - Prayer Room - is rather straight-forward, and when you’re there, you’ll find Millicent waiting. Be careful of Crucible Rot Knight guarding the door, though.

Millicent will tell you some information that I don’t want to spoil here, and then she’ll essentially send you on your way.

What to do after meeting Millicent in Haligtree in Elden Ring

At this point, you’re going to have to continue past the Prayer Room and straight ahead, then into the door guarded by the Erdtree Avatar. It's fortunately a pretty straight-forward route, unfortunately however, full of enemies. Head right once you're past the Erdtree Avatar, and you’ll soon come to the Elphael, Inner Wall Site of Grace.

Now, continue to clamber over branches until you come to a fight with an Ulcerated Tree Spirit in a lake of scarlet rot.

This boss isn’t so bad, and you can actually climb up the branches (where you came from) and he’ll eventually end up stuck, attacking you (but his attacks don’t reach) and unable to follow you. If you’re looking for an easy fight, you can cheese him with ranged attacks and magic when he’s in this position. Besides that, keep clear of scarlet rot (use the Flame, Cleanse Me incantation or Cleansing Boluses to help) and good luck.

Once you’ve felled the boss, rest at the nearby Site of Grace, and then return to where you fought the spirit, and onto the ledge to the right.

Should you summon or invade Millicent in Elden Ring?

There will be two summon signs present now. The orange summon sign will summon you to Millicent, where you will help her defeat three invaders. The red summon sign, on the other hand, will see you invade Millicent and kill her.

If you help Millicent

If you help Millicent, you are rewarded with the Rotten Winged Sword Isignia talisman (which greatly boosts attack power with successive attacks).

After having helped Millicent, go rest and Millicent will appear where the summon signs once were. Talk with her, rest once more and return here. You’ll find her body in the same spot.

You can now retrieve the Unalloyed Gold Needle from her body, which is later needed to get Miquella’s Needle; this is a key item for one of the alternate endings for Elden Ring.

You'll have to defeat Malenia and return the Unalloyed Needle to the bloom she leaves behind, after which you can collect Miquella's Needle in its place.

If you invade Millicent

If you invade Millicent, you’ll get the Millicent’s Prosthesis talisman (boosts dexterity, and slightly raises attack power with successive attacks).

If you felled Millicent, a flower will be in her place, and you won’t be able to retrieve the needle. If you’re going for the original ending or Ranni’s ending, and so forth, felling Millicent won’t matter so much.

After deciding what to do, you can return to Sage Gowry at Gowry's Shack to wrap up his questline. He will also no longer be available as a merchant. If he's still alive, you can kill him and loot him of his Bell Bearing (making his store available at Roundtable Hold) and the Flock's Canvas Talisman.

For more help with taking on The Lands Between and becoming Elden Lord, check out our comprehensive Elden Ring guide.

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