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Elden Ring Ordina Liturgical Town puzzle: How to light four figures in the Evergaol

Light four to score.

Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing the troubling puzzle in Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Far in the frozen north of The Lands Between in Elden Ring lies Ordina, Liturgical Town and, more importantly, the Ordina puzzle. The town now a haunted and mysterious ruin with a riddle that asks you to "light the four figures in the evergaol."

At the northern edge of town is where you'll find the lectern outlining what's required of you. Doing as it asks breaks the seal at the top of the staircase nearby.

You enter the evergaol by interacting with the glowing circular relief next to the lectern, but then find yourself in a dark version of Ordina, filled with difficult and invisible enemies, and no idea where to find the four figures.

Where do you light the four figures in the evergaol in Ordina, Liturgical Town in Elden Ring?

First things first, the main thing you have to remember as you light the figures in Ordina is to sprint. You will not be able to use Torrent in this version of Ordina, Liturgical Town.

As you make your way around the town, you are pursued by an invisible Black Knife Assassin who can appear from nowhere, slice through half or more of your health bar, then disappear without a trace.

He is exceptionally difficult to deal with because he is literally invisible and can’t be locked onto. That said, you can bring an active Sentry Torch into the evergaol with you and it will make the assassin visible to you so you can attempt to avoid him more easily.

Once you’re up onto the rooftop areas of the town he shouldn’t be a problem as he won't climb, but the best method of dealing with him is to run away rather than mess around.

Starting from the lectern, walk forward and take a left, then go right down the stairs - sprinting to avoid being backstabbed by the assassin.

Immediately on your left at the bottom of the stairs is the first of the four figures, so hop up onto its platform and light the candle.

Next, turn around and look to the archway on your right. Sprint and hop up onto the wall next to the top of the staircase past the archway, then look to your left. There’s a ladder here you need to climb.

At the top is another ladder which leads to the second of the four figures.

Turn around, then drop down onto the rooftop on your right.

Run forward and you will be targeted by tough archers, but time your bursts of speed to get into melee range, or take them out from distance with magic.

When you reach their rooftop, take the ladder on the right and you can light the third of the four figures in the evergaol.

Finally, turn around and drop back down from the rooftops to the lectern where you started. Run past it and hop over the wall.

On the ground below, go around the back of the building in front of you.

There you find yet another ladder. Climb it, then clamber up the second one you find at the top and you can light the last of the four figures.

This gives you the message, “a seal was broken in town”, and spits you back into the regular map. If you die while in this dark version of Ordina, any figures you have previously lit will remain lit when you step back into the evergaol. So, you don't need to worry about successfully lighting all four figures in the evergaol in a single attempt.

You can now go up the snowy staircase and use the teleporter that was hidden behind the seal. Your next challenge awaits, but the real question is how many controllers will you break while taking it on.

There’s plenty more to discover in The Lands Between, so check out our Elden Ring guide.

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