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Elden Ring Godfrey and Hoarah Loux boss fight guide

You have another date with Godfrey at this point in Elden Ring. And he’s quite a handful this time around.

Update: Elden Ring has undergone quite a few patches since its launch, so we've update this Elden Ring Godfrey and Hoarah Loux boss fight guide to reflect that. We've streamlined information and added some additional tips to help you beat this particularly troublesome boss.

Congratulations, you’ve almost made it to the end of Elden Ring. The fight you’re about to have is the penultimate, meaning you’re just two steps away from completing your quest.

Godfrey has returned to face you in person, and he’s the last obstacle standing between you and breaching the impenetrable thorns, now that you have burned down the Erdtree.

If you made it this far, you’ll know that this isn’t your first dance with Godfrey. The previous Golden Shade version of this boss is one you’ve already fought, and you may have even thought it was a little too easy.

Well, the good and bad news is that the real Godfrey is here, and though this fight is going to be harder, it’s not actually among the most difficult in the game. If you handled Maliketh, you should have no trouble with this one. Here's how to beat Godfrey and Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring.

When should you fight Godfrey and Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring?

Considering his status in Elden Ring’s lore, and where this fight falls in the events of the game, you should only attempt the legendary Godfrey and Hoarah Loux boss fight when you’re ready.

Although Godfrey is not a Shardbearer, this is not an optional fight. Once you beat Godfrey, you’ll unlock the doors to the final boss and finish the game. You should attempt this fight at character level 135-140, with a maximum (or close) power weapon, so +22/+25.

How to make the Godfrey and Hoarah Loux fight easier in Elden Ring

Both of Godfrey and Hoarah Loux's phases are not actually that complicated, considering he’s the penultimate boss. As you might have already guessed, this fight really benefits from having someone else in the arena with you, whom the boss can occasionally target.

This is why it’s a good idea to ring the bell and summon a Spirit Ash to give you a bit of an edge against him. You ideally want something tanky here, as many of the boss’ attacks deal significant damage in a wide range around him. Even after the 1.03 patch nerf, the Mimic Tear remains a top-tier summon. Lhutel the Headless is also great here, and you can summon two NPC's, Nepheli Loux and Shabiri, from just outside of the boss room.

Like many of the bosses in Elden Ring, Godfrey takes frost damage, which will slow him down considerably if it procs. If you have a frost-powered weapon, keep on the offensive, he will eventually succumb to the element. Godfrey is also weaker to Lightning damage during the first phase of the fight, so if you have a Lightning weapon or Ash of War to hand, we recommend using it.

In the second phase of the fight, when you'll be fighting Hoarah Loux, the boss is weak to Physical Pierce and Slash damage. So, again, any weapons or Ashes of War that utilise this will be great here, especially considering how tricky the second phase of this fight can be.

On top of that, and much like your first rendezvous with Godfrey, this boss is quite strong against Holy damage. So, Holy weapons will not get you far, here.

How to beat Godfrey and Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring

Godfrey is a slow boss who hits hard. He doesn’t delay his attacks like most major bosses in Elden Ring, so you’ll be able to dodge them easily. Only players with greatshields and enough stamina can block his axe swings, everyone else should drop the shield and two-hand their weapon instead.

The only major threat you have to be mindful of in this fight is his stomps and ground shatters, which can knock you on your back and sometimes leave behind damaging trails, disrupting the flow of the fight.

In both phases, his super armour can be broken if you continue using jump attacks and charged heavies.

Godfrey phase one (First Elden Lord)

Before Godfrey goes all barbaric and becomes Hoarah Loux, he’s going to be a little reserved when taking you on. That’s not to say the fight will be easy; he just won’t be as aggressive or dangerous in this phase.

Godfrey is fairly slow, and mainly uses his axe to attack. You can dodge all of his axe attacks, just be careful not to get hit by the handle, as the length of the damn thing can be deceiving.

Godfrey typically starts the fight with an axe throw, before he slams down to grab it and start a combo. This move is easy to avoid – simply dodge into him, though do note that doing so will put you behind him and you won’t be able to attack him until you close the distance again. His axe combos in this phase range from the two-hit, to four or five. It’s generally easy to anticipate Godfrey’s attacks, but because the windup is long, it also means you won’t always know when it’s safe to hit him.

If you end up behind him, try to keep an eye on the axe to anticipate his moves. The flowing brushy hair of Serosh, the lion on his back, will make this challenging as it’ll often cover his entire outline. The blade of the axe is sharp enough that you will be able to see it through the hair, just barely.

The real danger comes from his AOE attacks, which give him exceptional range. Godfrey will stomp, creating a couple of different ways to damage you from a distance. If you brought a summon, you may still get hit even as the boss is focusing on your summon, simply because the arcs of those stomps can be wide.

There are two kinds of stomps you have to watch out for in this phase. The first is a normal foot stomp that sends spikes out of the ground. The shape of this varies; sometimes it's a circle around him, and other times only a cone in front of him. The tactic for all of them is the same: channel your inner rabbit and jump!

The stomps have wide coverage but don’t really reach higher than the surface, so jumping will save you. Do it as soon as you spot his foot hitting the ground. You may need to jump repeatedly. Jumping also sets you up nicely for an overhead heavy attack, provided you’re close enough to him – just don’t commit to the attack until he’s done stomping.

Occasionally, Godfrey will combo into axe attacks after performing a single stomp. Those particular swings come out rapidly and might catch you if you’re expecting more stomps.

The other kind is the more dangerous, which is when Godfrey will power up his stomps. When you see him raise his axe and slowly bring up his knee, he’s about to send shockwaves through the arena. Dodge through them, but be aware that any follow-up stomps will also be powered up as a result of this move. This means that stomps will create the usual spikes, as well as shockwaves.

If he follows up his stomp with an axe ground slam, he’ll likely plant it into the ground further, which creates a fissure (typically in a straight line) that will deal damage when it appears, and another time through the spikes that it will send out of the ground. Time your dodges to avoid both. If you jumped over the stomp, either jump again when the orange fissure appears, or dodge the rising debris.

Godfrey phase two (Hoarah Loux, Warrior)

Once Godfrey’s health drops to below 50%, things will get more interesting. He’s going to take off all his armour, throw away the axe and fight you bare-fisted, revealing that he’s in fact the warrior Hoarah Loux.

Although there's no axe you have to worry about in this phase, that somehow makes him more dangerous. In this phase, Hoarah Loux will try to grab you and perform an extremely damaging anime-style move that may very well kill you.

Several of his attacks will end in a grapple, and most will send you flying if they connect. This is a canned animation that will see the boss leap after you and perform this move before smacking you into the ground.

This is what makes it hard to anticipate and dodge the grapple, because any one of three moves could combo into that anime throw. But, you can lower your chances of getting grabbed by dodging to the sides or away from him.

The stomps do return in this phase, and they come out faster to boot. If he roars, he’s going to power up his stomp. When he does, he’s going to leap into the air and land, slamming one hand into the ground, followed by the other. When his second fist hits the ground, it will shatter, sending out a shockwave. A second later, the same thing will happen as he removes his hands. The latter part of this attack also sends debris flying out of the ground. You’ll need to dodge three times: first to avoid the landing slam, then when he plants the second fist, and finally to avoid the final wave/debris.

Do note that the initial roar will also knock you back, which will make it harder to dodge the upcoming ground slam as you may not be able to get back on your feet quickly enough.

The lighter stomp that sends out ground spikes is also back, and it does about the same damage and has a small reach. Finally, the long knee-raising stomp will show up every now and then, sending out a shockwave with the addition of spikes in a circle around him. He follows that up with a similar attack by slamming both his fists into the ground – dodge both.

Hoarah Loux will typically open his chest if he’s about to launch himself towards you. This will either end in a grapple, or a rising uppercut. Dodge to the sides or simply keep your distance. If he crosses his arms, he’s about to perform the big grapple. Once again, dodge to either side, otherwise you’ll trigger the canned animation. While it looks cool, it’s probably going to get you get killed – depending on how much HP you have at that point.

Generally speaking, your best openings in this phase come at the end of his attack chains, especially if you dodge the shockwaves and spikes. The boss relies on those to knock you back, slow you down, or otherwise interrupt you. If none of that happens, it’s going to be easy for you to get in and deal major damage; so, your best bet is baiting out his attacks where possible, avoiding them, and then going in for the attack quickly. Dodging into him when he’s using his fists to attack you will put you behind him, letting you land a hit or two before he turns towards you.

A fully-upgraded weapon will serve you well in this fight; your only challenge will be to actually get close.

What to do after beating Godfrey and Hoarah Loux in Elden Ring

First of all, you should go back the Roundtable Hold to see if you like any of the items contained within the boss’ Remembrance. You should also upgrade your weapon and prepare yourself for an incredibly tough one-two fight that will trigger the end of the game.

When you’re all good and ready, return to the Site of Grace that will appear in the boss arena, and take the stairs up to go through the light. It doesn’t look like a traditional golden mist gate, but you’ll get the idea.

Although we recommend exploring the rest of Elden Ring’s world before attempting the final fight, as we explain in our New Game Plus guide, you’ll still be able to go back into the world to do as you please even after beating the final boss – you just won’t be able to repeat that particular fight.

There’s more for you to sink your teeth into in our Elden Ring guide. Maybe try respeccing your character and exploring the life of Sorceries and Incantations, lord knows you’ve been hoarding a few of them.

nce you’re ready to close out this chapter, hit up our endings guide to see the options available to you in Elden Ring's final moments.

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