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Elden Ring Crafting: How do you get the Crafting Kit, and what to do with it?

You may go most of Elden Ring without getting the very important Crafting Kit. This guide will ensure you won't have to.

Elden Ring is full of new mechanics and concepts for the Soulsborne genre, some of which are not entirely expected. Crafting is one such new addition that could quickly become a major component of your experience.

In the vast world of Elden Ring, you’ll come across all manner of flora and fauna, many of them can be harvested to build up a large deck of crafting ingredients. There are almost too many items you can craft by combining the various harvested plants and animal parts, and you’re going to discover them as you go.

In this page, we’ll offer a primer on crafting. How it works, what you need to start the process, and how to get more recipes.

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How do you get the Crafting Kit in Elden Ring?

Getting your first Crafting Kit is actually fairly straightforward. At the Church of Elleh - one of the first areas you should come across after you emerge from the crypt - you’ll meet your first vendor: Merchant Kale.

After speaking to him, he’s going to recommend you purchase a Crafting Kit. This is good advice, so you should buy it from him as soon as you can. The Crafting Kit costs 300 Runes (Souls) – which is a pittance – and it can be used an unlimited number of times.

In the future, should you want to return to Kale for any reason, you can simply travel to the Site of Grace opposite him to reach him.

How does crafting work in Elden Ring?

As soon as you buy the Crafting Kit, a new pause menu option on the left column will open up to you. Right under Equipment, you’ll find a whole new Item Crafting menu. Prepare to use this a lot during your time with Elden Ring.

Through this menu, you’ll see all the items you can currently craft, and a breakdown of all their requirements.

How do you get more crafting Cookbooks in Elden Ring?

Though you may already be in position of a Crafting Kit, this doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything you can craft with it. This is where the Cookbooks – essentially recipes – come in. Crafting Cookbooks are mainly sold at merchants, and sometimes found as loot.

Before purchasing one, make sure to click X/Square to switch item display and expand the Cookbook’s description. This will save you from wasting Runes on recipes you don’t need, since you’ll be able to see what each one teaches you before buying it.

Each Cookbook unlocks a number of new items you can now craft, and introduces you to even more crafting materials you might not yet have come across.

Acquiring a Cookbook is all you need to be able to craft what it describes; you won’t need to read it or anything like that. As long as it’s in your inventory, it will work.

For more on the myriad materials on offer, take a look at our full Elden Ring guide.

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