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How to complete Blaidd's quest in Elden Ring

Reach for the stars(courge).

Update: We've streamlined the information on this page and added some additional tips so that you have no trouble completing Half-Wolf Blaidd's quest.

The Elden Ring Blaidd questline intertwines with several other important characters and activities, and it's easy to skip significant portions of it depending on where you travel to first.

It’s also tied with a difficult boss battle, but you can start the quest at any time – even if you’ve defeated Darriwil, the Evergaol boss that Blaidd mentions, before finding him in Mistwood. If you need some help heading in the right direction, here's how to complete Blaidd's quest in Elden Ring.

How to start Blaidd's quest in Elden Ring

Like most things in Elden Ring, starting Blaidd’s quest is a bit vague. You’ll need to travel to the Mistwood Ruins, northeast of Waypoint Ruins, and listen out for the howling.

After that, travel back to the Church of Elleh in Limwood, and speak with Kale the Merchant. He’ll tell you about Blaidd and will teach you the Finger Snap gesture.

Head back to the Mistwood Ruins, and use the Finger Snap gesture to summon Blaidd, who is found resting on the tallest part of the ruins.

If you’ve not defeated Darriwil yet, he’ll explain his relationship with the Bloodhound Knight and send you off to battle at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. After that, or if you’ve already defeated him, speak with Blaidd at the ruins again, twice.

The first time, you’ll get a Somber Smithing Stone. The second time, he tells you to find the Blacksmith, Iji, on the road to Caria Manor in Liurnia. Doing this unlocks the Carian Filigreed Crest from that Blacksmith’s shop.

How do you continue Blaidd’s quest in Elden Ring?

From here on out, Blaidd’s quest joins with Ranni’s quest. After Ranni summons Blaidd at Ranni's Rise, you’ll need to meet him in Siofra River near Hallowhorn Grounds (where the dead deer is). Speak to him until there’s no new dialogue, then travel to Seluvis’ Rise and speak with Seluvis.

If you're lost, use our guide on Ranni's quest to help you along the way.

This triggers Seluvis' own quest - though it's not required for it, as you can start without even having met Blaidd. Take the scroll to Sellen in Waypoint Ruins, then speak with Blaidd again. This is completely separate from Sellen's own quest.

Now you’ll need to challenge Radahn in Caelid’s Redmane Castle. Use the NPC summons to make the fight easier.

The next leg of the quest is much longer and ties in with Ranni's quest. After Radahn dies, you'll find that Iji has imprisoned Blaidd in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol. He remains there until you've completed Ranni's quest, after which he'll turn up at Ranni's Rise and fight you. Defeating him earns you his greatsword and armor, and there's no way to un-aggro Blaidd.

Notes on Blaidd's and Ranni's quests

Ranni's and Blaidd's quests progress differently depending on the point at which you meet certain milestones. We've outlined some of the known ways the paths might differ below.

If you begin the Radahn Festival, you'll automatically skip the first part of both Ranni's and Blaidd's quests. Ranni's can only be progressed or began after you defeat Radahn. Blaidd's will skip to the point of his imprisonment. You'll also encounter a spectral, Invader version of Blaidd during Ranni's quest, but this is nothing to do with Blaidd's questline.

You can automatically trigger the Radahn Festival outside of Ranni's quest by using the Grand Lift of Dectus. If you do, Blaidd will defeat all enemies in the castle, and the castle's doors will be locked until after the Festival and you rest at a Site of Grace. It's unclear whether the same events unfold if you reach Altus Plateau via the tunnels instead, though.

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