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EA Sports FC 24’s latest update totally revamps passing and fixes UT’s misbehaving objective notifications

Hopefully these tweaks to ball distribution can help you rule the midfield.

Sam Kerr in EA Sports FC 24.
Image credit: VG247/EA

Title update number seven for EA Sports FC 24 has arrived, and headlining its fairly substantial array of fixes and revisions are a bunch of changes to how the game’s passing mechanics behave.

With Team of the Year cards set to start adding some more diversity to the potential pack pulls on offer in the game any day now, there’ll no doubt be a lot of players jumping back into EA FC now we’re a decent way into 2024. This latest update wasn’t big enough to make EA whip out its freaky red and blue non-humans again, but it’s still got some stuff in it that’s well worth being aware of.

As detailed in the full notes for title update seven, the bulk of its gameplay changes are aimed at switching up how each of the game’s various passes - from precise sidefooters to lobs and through balls. For example, lobbed passes and their precision variant will now be less accurate when fired at “extreme angles”, but also allow for increased “maximum potential ball trajectory height” in those same scenarios.

Meanwhile, some precision passes have had their responsiveness dialled up and the delightfully named swerved through passes will be a bit less speedy. A couple of bugs affecting certain types of requested passes have also been rectified.

Over in Ultimate Team, issues that had seen the objectives notification icon become invisible when re-entering the mode and seen it just casually stick around after you’d claimed an objective reward have been addressed. Running into an objective that’s just decided it doesn’t have to show you when the deadline for completing it is should hopefully be a thing of the past too.

There’s also some good news for those who love a good SBC, the requirements of which should no longer randomly list substitutions or display duplicate club names. That sounds like it could be a big blow for fans of the combined XI of two-headed footballers that makes up Manchester Manchester United United.

In some other recent EA FC-related news, some players think ‘smaller’ leagues like the Eredivisie haven’t been getting enough special card attention dedicated to them in this year’s version of Ultimate Team.

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