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EA E3 2015: Star Wars Battlefront, FIFA 16, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – watch here

Are you ready for some Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and some football EA fans? Then buckle-up: the firm's press conference kicks off soon.


EA is fully expected to wow audiences with almost every triple-A project it has under the hood. Below are just a few titles we expect to see on the E3 2015 stage.

Star Wars Battlefront: Electronic Arts is bringing the big guns with it this year, or in this case, blasters. Battlefront is THE big ticket item on show today as far as fans are concerned. We expect to see more in-game footage of the shooter and hopefully details beyond what was revealed on Star Wars Day back in April.

Mass Effect 4: We've waited long enough for news on the next entry in the Mass Effect franchise, and hopefully Bioware won't disappoint. We'd at least like to know if we can continue calling it Mass Effect 4. That would at least be something. If Mike Gamble's tweet front May is any indication though – we should be prepared to hear about our next adventure in space.

Battlefield 5: The shooter isn't slated for release until holiday 2016 so DICE may skip any reveals. It's possible we could be graced with a fancy trailer or super tease at the end of the presentation, though.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst: DICE's other IP (lordie it's a busy studio!) has been promised for the show, so keep you eye out for more information on it.

Battlefield: Hardline: We fully expect to hear more about Visceral's future DLC plans, which will hopefully keep Battlefield fans occupied until BF5 is released. Premium members can pick up the first content drop, Criminal Activity tomorrow, with non-premium players getting it sometime around June 30.

Need for Speed: Resting firmly in the capable hands of Ghost Games, the latest entry in the NFS franchise has been dubbed a reboot of the series, and is said to contain a deep customization system, require an online connection, and allow you to go online with your friends for super-racing fun time.  Keep your eye on the stream for more information on the shiny game built with Frostbite 3.

Criterion's new IP: EA teased the former Need for Speed developer's game at E3 2014 with a trailer full of ATVs, helicopters and wing suits. Criterion said it was a first-person title inspired by Go-Pro stunt videos created by real-life users. A name for the title has yet to be confirmed, but hopefully that will be remedied today.

Untitled Star Wars game: Visceral’s project has Uncharted writer Amy Hennig on board, so we're fully expect a narrative-driven affair of sorts. That being said, keep your fingers crossed on this one: EA hasn't been too forthcoming on the development process and may have decided to leave it at home. It would be rather silly not to at least mention it, though, especially with all the Star Wars hype going on at present.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Information on new content for the MMORPG, Knights of the Fallen Empire, slipped out a bit early this week. Bioware will likely provide more color on the content update during the show.

FIFA 16: Expect the football title to be the main star of EA Sports' section of the show. For the first time in franchise history, FIFA 16 players will be able to choose from 12 Women’s National Teams when playing the football title when it releases in September on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Expect more than just women's teams to be shown, as EA will provide a complete rundown of what's new this year in the annual franchise.

Other EA Sports titles to expect on stage include: Madden NFL 16, NBA LIVE 16, NHL 16, and EA SPORTS  Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR.

EA has more planned for today’s conference than what we’ve surmised above, surely, so watch the stream along with us, and be sure to check out the front page of the site for news out of the conference as it happens. It all starts at 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm UK.

You can also watch the stream via the main Twitch Channel and through YouTube. We will switch to another if the stream above becomes unstable.

As with every year, we’ll live blog the show with every bit of news we can muster out of it, so be on the lookout for the full report after the show ends.

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