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Mass Effect 4 survey contains info on crafting, exploration, a Horde Mode more - RUMOR

Remember when a Dragon Age: Inquisition survey popped up and outed possible content for the title? It's happened again and this time it's for the next Mass Effect game. Note: take the information contained herein with a grain of salt. Surveys, if this one is legit, are usually sent out to test ideas and aren't always indicative of the final product.

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According Reddit user benjamin_stone, while taking online surveys last month, he was given the option to offer his opinion on the next Mass Effect title from Bioware.

Per what was gleaned from the rumored survey, the game is four times the size of Mass Effect 3 and takes place in the Helius Cluster located in the Andromeda Galaxy. The story, is also "far removed by time and space from Commander Shepard’s heroic acts and the final events of the Mass Effect trilogy."

Players take on the role of a pathfinder leading an expedition into said cluster to "establish a new home for humanity." During exploration they will collect resources and build colonies all the while coming into contact with warring aliens and outlaws. This coincides with Bioware's previous comments on "new ways to explore."

It was also said the Remnant's "forgotten technology holds the key to gaining power" in that particular part of the galaxy. Blueprints of the race's technology will be found throughout, and it will help the players craft better equipment, laser cannons and and other weapons.

As more areas are colonized, players will need to "recruit mercenaries and develop an AI controlled Strike Teams" which can be used remotely, as the galaxy is too large for the player to be "everywhere at once." There will also be Strike Team missions.

Horde Mode was also mentioned as a multiplayer feature in the game. The player and up to three friends will need to fight waves of enemies on various battlefields located in the galaxy. Each wave will increase in difficulty and objectives will need to be met, and winning rounds will earn the player upgrades for the multiplayer portion and APEX funds to be used in the single-player portion.

Seven crew members will be recruited, each with different abilities and strategic combat options. Each has a backstory and are part of the "living universe in the Helius Cluster." Like previous Mass Effect games, each will respond to actions, choices and conversation dialogue.

There is so much information in the post on Reddit, you really need to head over and have a read.

Again: take all of this at face value as none of it can be confirmed. We're not accusing the poster of lying - not at all. We just cannot verify the information and you know neither Bioware nor EA will offer comment.

A title for the new Mass Effect games hasn't bee announced, so for the time being we - like everyone else - we will continue to call it Mass Effect 4.

EA has yet to announce a release date, but industry analyst Michael Pachter expects it to arrive before the end of March 2016.

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