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Here's hoping this tease means we see Mass Effect at E3 2015

Mass Effect boss Mike Gamble has shared a teaser image, which we're more than happy to draw speculative conclusions from.

The new Mass Effect game in the works at BioWare Edmonton is a mysterious beast. Judging by how long it's been in development, it feels like we're about due for a proper reveal, to clear up some of that mystery.

As such, this image posted by the series producer on Twitter has turned a few heads. It almost certainly relates to the series; the image recollects the arc seen in the logo and pretty much every aspect of the trilogy's designs. Also: space.

Obviously we can have no real idea why Gamble posted this image, but "as a tease for an E3 2015 reveal" makes a heck of a lot of sense, doesn't it?

To refresh your memory: the next Mass Effect has not been given an official title, but we've been calling it "Mass Effect 4" until we know better. It won't star Commander Shepard, but will acknowledge the existence of the rest of the series, and rather then reprising the series formula to date, will be "its own thing" while remaining recognisable.

Recently, rumours broke that a marketing survey had revealed some details of gameplay, which sounded quite a lot like Dragon Age in space, to be honest, despite BioWare saying it won't be Dragon Age in space. We do know for sure that the Mako is in it, customisations will return, and it will have multiplayer.

We got our first glimpse of the project at E3 2014, and a late 2015 release isn't totally impossible, if EA embraces the short PR cycle trend. I think 2016 is more likely, but I'd lay good money on a proper reveal this June.

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