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Mass Effect 4 won't ignore original trilogy entirely, teases BioWare

Mass Effect 4 was revealed on Monday - kinda, sorta - and since then BioWare has confirmed that there will be ties to the original trilogy, and of course a host of returning races.


If you missed the Mass Effect 4 reveal trailer, you can check it out by hitting the link. There's also a little bit in there about BioWare's new IP.

At present there's still no confirmation on where or when Mass Effect 4 is set, but speaking with GameTrailers, BioWare Edmonton and Montreal boss Aaryn Flynn said the team had a, "really cool idea," about how to advance its franchise.

"I can't get into that too much," he added. "We've got a really cool idea for how we're going to carry on - keep the trilogy separate but at the same time give a bunch of nods to fans who enjoyed the trilogy in the past. That's all going to come out soon."

The site also grilled him about returning characters, to which he replied, "Hmm. Definitely returning races. It wouldn't be a Mass Effect game without the krogans - we showed a krogan today."

We've no idea when or where the game is set, but judging from BioWare's E3 2014 clip, it could be an entirely new region of space, far from Shepard's crusade against the Reapers.

What are your theories?

Via Eurogamer.

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